Comprehensive Business Administration Courses in Chicago, IL

Jumpstart Your Business Career with Courses from CSI

Having trouble breaking into the business world? Finding employment that pays enough, has the right location, and features work you enjoy is challenging in the world of online job boards and a slew of similarly-qualified applicants. Computer Systems Institute, or CSI, is here to help you get a leg up on the competition. Our Chicago, IL business administration courses cover all the basics, and then some. You deserve a job you love, and CSI wants to help you on your journey toward employment you enjoy. We receive a lot of questions about our online small business courses, so we’ve compiled their answers here for easy access. Don’t see your question? Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!

Are Your Business Administration Courses for ESL Speakers? 

Of course! In fact, many of our online small business courses are designed especially for the success of our English as a second language students. We understand that it’s incredibly difficult to start your business career in Chicago, IL when you’re still struggling with a language barrier. That’s why CSI’s business administration courses focus on total immersion and integration into the American business environment. Our ESL instructors make challenging business concepts and new software easy to grasp for those working through a language barrier.

How Do I Choose a Program at CSI?

Once you choose to enroll at CSI’s Chicago location, you’ll need to decide on a track within our Business Career Program. Fortunately, our staff is always here to help should you want assistance in making the decision. You may want to take a personality test, make a pros-and-cons list, or try other methods of self-discovery. We offer two 40-week programs that include top-of-the-line business administration courses. Explore our Business Career Programs or read a brief summary of our tracks here:

  • BCP Track: This path of study includes hands-on training in your chosen field and teaches key business concepts, including applicable software, customer service, and negotiation.
  • Digital Multimedia Track: This track also focuses on fundamental business skills but expands its curriculum to familiarize students with online communication and marketing.

What Skills Does Your Online Small Business Course Teach?

At CSI, our small business training mostly focuses on the fundamentals of business. However, there are a lot of basics you’ll need to know to be successful in the Chicago, IL business world. We teach the following fundamentals, as well as many more:
  • Customer Service
  • Negotiation
  • Meeting Protocol
  • Communication by Telephone
  • Accounting Software
  • Microsoft Applications
  • Budgeting
  • Strategic Planning
  • Marketing
  • Online Commerce

Do You Have Student Housing in Chicago?

Although we have no on-campus housing at CSI, we’re more than happy to help you find accommodations. Our Chicago staff can recommend apartment search websites and roommate-finding services. Chicago also offers many temporary housing sites while you complete your business administration course if you only know where to look. International students should make sure to secure housing before arriving in Chicago.

How Can I Pay for Business Administration Courses?

We do our best at CSI to keep our programs affordable, whether they’re at one of our Chicago-area campuses or our Massachusetts locations. However, we understand that many students still need help paying. In the past, our students have found success with scholarships, grants, and student loans. International students may be eligible for on-campus employment. No student is the same in their financial situation, though, and it’s best to consult with one of our staff members if you need help finding funding.

Do You Help Graduates Find Business Administration Jobs?

While we can’t send your resume and go to your first job interview for you, CSI can make sure you have all the tools to succeed as you start your job search. Our Student Affairs department is staffed with experienced career counselors who are here to assist our recent graduates with job search skill-building. We’ll review your resume and cover letter, suggest ways to improve your materials, and even help you practice an elevator pitch. You can schedule a mock interview, or we can provide you with information on the current job market. At CSI, we want to give you the best chance at landing your dream job after completion of our business administration courses in Chicago.

What Kinds of Jobs Do Your Graduates Get?

Our Business Career Programs are designed to start you on the path to your dream job. The skill-building that you’ll do in one of our programs is applicable to many different careers, even outside the business world. However, our students are especially qualified for jobs in the following departments of a business:
  • Customer Service
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Small Business Administration
  • Hospitality-Centered Positions

Why Choose CSI for Business Administration in Chicago, IL? 

There are many reasons to choose Computer Systems Institute to continue your education. Many of our students cite the variety and quality of our academic programs, while others rave about our friendly, helpful teachers and staff. Plus, CSI is an affordable alternative to traditional degree programs in small business administration while still receiving the instruction you need to land your ideal job. Find your passion at CSI; contact us today for more info about our small business courses online!