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Comprehensive Business Career Program

Jumpstart Your Business Career with Courses from CSI

Finding employment that pays enough, has the right location, and features work you enjoy is challenging in the world of online job boards and a slew of similarly qualified applicants. CSI is here to help you get a leg up on the competition. Our Business Career Program courses cover all the basics, and then some.

What Business Programs Do You Offer?

We offer the following Business Career Program concentrations:

  • Business Fundamentals Concentration: The Business Fundamentals Concentration places a strong emphasis on business basics including finance, budgeting, strategic planning, sales and marketing, ethics, online commerce, and information technology resources. Students also gain knowledge in the areas of professional development and customer service.

  • Digital Multimedia Concentration: The Digital Multimedia Concentration places a strong emphasis on graphic design, webpage design, cascading style sheets (CSS), image processing, web content creation, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media optimization (SMO).
  • Marketing Concentration: The Marketing Concentration allows students to grow their marketing acumen and gain knowledge to improve organizational brand effectiveness. Students will become familiar with marketing operations, content development, social media tools, practices and metrics, and evaluate how they are used to create effective sales and marketing campaigns.

  • Business Finance Concentration: The Business Finance Concentration allows students to understand widely used financial concepts and accounting principles. (Only available at Massachusetts campuses)

  • Hospitality Leadership Concentration: The Hospitality Leadership Concentration prepares students for careers in hospitality management that focus on different segments of the industry, which include hotels, restaurants, gaming, and event planning. (Only available at Massachusetts campuses)

  • Organizational Administration Concentration: The Organizational Administration Concentration responds to the need for administrative support professionals with knowledge in the operation of electronic systems, techniques, procedures, and skills required to impact the organization for growth and development. It prepares students to gain experience with office systems, oral and written communication, analysis and coordination of office tasks, procedures and management skills designed for the office environment. (Only available at Massachusetts campuses)

What Career Services Do You Offer Recent Graduates?   

At CSI, we believe in helping our students from their first day on campus through their job search. That’s why our Student Affairs department is staffed with experienced career counselors who can help you improve your job application materials. Whether you are looking for resume assistance or want someone to review your cover letter, we have you covered. To find out more about our career services, contact studentaffairs@csinow.com.

What Kinds of Jobs Do Your Graduates Get?

Our business programs are designed to start you on the path to your dream job. The skill building you’ll do in one of our programs is applicable to many different careers, even outside the business world. However, our students are qualified for jobs in the following departments of a business:

  • Customer Service
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Small Business Administration
  • Hospitality-Centered Positions

Why Choose CSI’s Business Career Program?

There are many reasons to choose CSI’s Business Career Program. Many of our students cite the variety and quality of our offerings, while others rave about our friendly, helpful instructors and staff. Plus, CSI is an affordable alternative to traditional business programs.

Does CSI Offer Evening or Weekend Courses?

Yes! At CSI, we believe there should be no barriers to your education. Our Business Career Program courses are designed to fit the needs of busy, adult learners. Many of our students are raising families and/or continue to work while going to school. We’re happy to work with you to help find a schedule that fits your needs.

Are Your Business Courses for ESL Speakers?

Of course! We understand that it’s incredibly difficult to start your business career when struggling with a language barrier. That’s why CSI’s business courses focus on total immersion and integration into the American business environment. Our ESL instructors make challenging business concepts and new software easy to grasp for those working through a language barrier.