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UTECH Inc. Collaborates with Computer Systems Institute to Transform the Classroom Experience

Chicago, Illinois (PRWEB) September 29, 2017

Starting 26.09.2017, UTECH Inc. will start offering live projects as part of the curriculum at the Computer Systems Institute (CSI). Classroom learning, in conjunction with a real-life app and software development project, will provide the students a rare hands-on experience in the field of work they will be a part of tomorrow.

Julie Lowder, CEO of Computer Systems Institute, explained, “A collaborative project with UTECH Inc. will innovate the CSI classroom experience and add a whole new level of student engagement through employer partnerships. This unique opportunity will allow our students to incorporate a real-life software project into their academic curriculum as well as expose them to working with an industry leader and premier provider in application and software development.”

UTECHInc.’s live project program is a part of the modern approach to education that is becoming increasingly popular in the United States. Real world experiences make the students recognize and acquire the knowledge and skills they need to develop in order to be successful in their professional lives. Introduction to a work environment at an early stage makes the classroom learning more relevant and hence, more engaging for students. Such projects allow them to see the bigger picture, and understand how their current academic learning fits in the path of reaching their future professional and personal goals.

Such programs also create skilled and sound professionals, who can be seamlessly integrated into the workforce. As Julia Lowder puts it, “We are excited to bring together our students with UTECH Inc., a high-tech company interested in augmenting their capacity and test-driving talent – it’s a win-win collaboration for the institution and the employer!”

UTECH Inc. views this collaboration as an investment into the future of the industry. Since the program will help the students magnify their knowledge and skills, it is a viable solution to ensure that there is healthy competition in the job market. Referring to this collaboration, CEO of UTECH Inc., Geo Forton said, “I’m very excited to be collaborating with Computer Systems Institute! Their real-world approach to higher learning is exactly what is needed to prepare our country for the future.” He further added, “On behalf of UTECH Inc., we are honored to be working with their administrative team and the exceptional future members of the workforce they help to produce!”

UTECH Inc. is proud to be associated with CSI to provide industry exposure to their students. This will give the students a better understanding of the industry today, which will help in creating highly skilled professionals of tomorrow.

About UTECH Inc.: the company offers affordable software solutions to transportation and field services industries. It caters to small and medium-sized businesses and helps them improve their operational and financial performance. For more information about the company, visit the company’s website