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Computer Science Foundation Programs
International Computer Science students learn hands-on under the guidance of experience IT professionals

Computer Systems Institute’s Computer Science (CS) Foundation Program provides students with the strong academic background and industry-based certifications that help prepare them for success in computer science related professions. By combining practical training with theoretical knowledge, the CS Foundation Program gives students the skills they need to succeed in this rapidly growing industry.

The objectives of this program are (1) to give students a foundation in computer science that they can utilize in pursuit of further study; (2) to prepare students for entry-level employment; and (3) to prepare students for the ISTQB certification. . Graduates of the CS Foundation Program will have a working knowledge of computer systems, program design, electric and electronic circuits, manual testing, and test automation that can be applied in business, IT, and healthcare. These programs are not eligible for Title IV funding (financial aid).

Overview of CS Foundations

CSI offers lecture, lab, and web-based learning sessions. Students are given the opportunity to excel no matter what their learning style. Click the link below to learn more about this program.


How to Get Started

Before students can enroll in the CS Foundation Program, they must take an entrance exam.

To learn more or get started, please fill out the form on this page or contact an International Admissions Representative by phone at 1-888-652-2494!