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Build Professional Skills with Business Courses

Learn More About CSI’s Professional Skills Programs

Have you ever read a job posting and wished you had one more skill that would make you the perfect candidate? With a skill-building program from CSI, you can develop all the aptitudes you need to be successful at your dream job. Small business courses are plentiful, but CSI’s variety of programs sets us apart from other professional skill-building educational courses. Whatever career path you’re looking to gain a foothold in, you can’t go wrong with one of our affordable customer service courses.

What Professional Skills Do You Offer Programs for? 

At CSI, we offer five skill-building programs, each of which caters to a specific career path. Each program lasts 44 weeks (40 academic weeks + 1 administrative week) and consists of four 11-week (10 academic weeks + 1 administrative week) small business courses. We’re proud to offer the following courses of study:

  • Customer Service Specialist Program: This is the program for you if you want to hone your people skills and turn them into a career. Our customer services courses at CSI focus on relationship management and techniques to adequately meet customers’ needs.
  • Hospitality Industry Professional Program: If you’d like to specialize your customer service skills to the hospitality field, this is the program for you. CSI’s hospitality industry courses cover treating customers as guests and creating an excellent guest experience.

  • Administrative Assistant Professional Program: Many administrative assistant job postings don’t ask for education beyond high school. However, a high school diploma isn’t always enough to secure this employment. CSI’s administrative assistant courses can give you an edge over the competition with a thorough knowledge of Microsoft Office, business communications, and more.

  • Sales and Marketing Professional Program: CSI’s sales and marketing courses cover several business topics such as social media marketing, business administration, and even consumer psychology. If you’re interested in a more social approach to business, this is the professional skills program for you.

  • Small Business Administrator Program: If you’re self-employed or looking to start your own business, you’ll benefit from small business courses. You’ll learn marketing strategies specific to small businesses, as well as bookkeeping and finance.

What Jobs Does a Customer Services Course Qualify Me for?

Customer service is an area of expertise that will give you a leg up when applying for almost any job. However, the customer services courses at CSI can certainly take you down a career path where you’ll deal directly with customers and clients. Customer service is a growing field, and our course gives you the skills necessary for these professions and much more:

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Assistant General Manager
  • Member Services Representative
  • Office or Administrative Support Representative
  • Patient Representative
  • Staff Services Assistant Manager
  • Travel Agent
  • Account Services Representative
  • Relationship Manager

What Can I Do After a Hospitality Industry Course?

Taking hospitality industry courses opens you up to a wide range of opportunities. When we think of careers in hospitality, we often only think of hotel clerks or cleaning crews. However, the hospitality industry encompasses several exciting careers, including:

  • Travel Agent
  • Food Service Manager

  • Event Planner

  • Lodging Manager

What Jobs are Available After a Sales and Marketing Course?

Sales and marketing jobs are plentiful; you only need the professional skills to be considered for them. A CSI education has helped many students secure employment they enjoy after a sales and marketing course. Common careers for our graduates include:

  • Sales Assistant
  • Sales Account Manager

  • Marketing Manager

  • Advertising Sales Agent

How Do I Choose the Right Program for Me? 

Choosing a career pathway feels challenging at times. However, when you decide on CSI for one of our skill-building courses, you aren’t locked into just one career. So, while you’re more than welcome to choose a sales and marketing course because you want to be a marketing manager, understand that those skills are applicable in nearly any career path you could want. If you are really struggling to pick between our exceptional course offerings, get in touch with our Student Affairs department. Our staff can help you narrow down your interests, take personality tests, and evaluate your goals.

What is an Externship?

An externship is a short-term, workplace training program that gives students supervised, hands-on experience related to their field of study.
Most of CSI’s programs focusing on professional skills provide the opportunity to participate in an externship. Compared with internships, externships are usually shorter and more flexible, but are paid less often. Talk to your advisor about whether or not your proposed externship will count toward your program completion.

Why Attend Courses at CSI ?

Enticed by one of CSI’s small business courses? Or perhaps you’re excited to jumpstart your career as a travel agent with our hospitality industry course. Whatever your preference, CSI is here to give you the best professional skills education available. If you’ve already taken a few classes, find out if your credits transfer! As you think about your career option, be sure to make the call to CSI. Contact us today.