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Student of the Month – Bakor Mohammed A

Like many CSI students, Mohammed Abdulrahman Bakor traveled around the globe prior to his joining the CSI Skokie family in 2015, but unique to Mohammed is his extensive experience in the international finance industry.

Mohammed was born in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but as a child, his family moved to South Hampton in the United Kingdom. As a teenager, Mohammed started working in the finance industry and gained extensive experience with investments, finance, and business development. Having freshly graduated high school, he took a position as a student employee with a banking firm, where he had the opportunity to rotate through the various departments in the firm. It was there that he discovered he most enjoyed working with investments.

With this passion in mind, Mohammed studied international finance with the Russell Group, a self-selected association of twenty-four public research universities, including Oxford University, Kings College, and the London School of Economics. In the course of his time with the Russell Group, Mohammed proved to be an immensely dedicated student, so much so that he was asked to join their doctoral program. Unfortunately, due to his father developing a serious illness, Mohammed had to return to Saudi Arabia and could not continue his studies.

Because Mohammed needed to stay near his family, he went to work for Saudi Fransi Capital, a leading financial services provider offering investment banking, asset management, debt, and equity research, headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. His work in this company took him to many countries throughout the Middle East, Asia, and parts of Europe. This exposure to different countries and cultures has helped him develop as a person, and he has learned from every experience.

Eventually, Mohammed decided to branch out and start his own business, but during the early stages of this new venture, there were political changes in Saudi Arabia that caused him to put everything on hold. Specifically, the king passed away and one of the king’s sons was elevated to the throne. During this time of transition, many new business initiatives were put on hold as the government transitioned to the new leadership. At this time, Mohammed’s father passed away, and the changes his country and his family were undergoing led Mohammed to decide it was time to move to the United States. With that, Mohammed and his family packed their bags to move to Chicagoland so that they can pursue new opportunities for growth.

Mohammed’s has participated in various programs here at CSI, each of which helped enhance his background in the financial industry. Whether in the Customer Service Specialist Program, Administrative Assistant Professional Program, or the Sales and Marketing Program, Mohammed is an exemplary student who integrates his previous education and professions with his current experiences here at CSI and in the U.S. job market.

Through it all, his guiding belief is that experiential and monetary wealth should be used to improve the lives of others and he credits his successes in life not only to his own hard work, but also to his wife and three children, who bring him a great deal of joy. Without his wife, Samar Aljuhani by his side, he would not be the person he is today. And today, Mohammed is a welcome addition to the CSI Skokie family, where his faculty, advisors, and peers value his positive attitude and dedication to success.