I have never thought that I would study in the Business Career sphere. Because my interests were connected with journalism in my country before. Life is full of changes, opportunities and different directions, so I decided to obtain knowledge about the Business Career Program. At the beginning of this step, it seemed more difficult for the students, like me, who do not have any idea regarding to this branch of life. But you can realize that our daily life is connected with the Business. In my perspective, I can achieve in the future because of the knowledge that I got here.
Raimjonova, Shakhnoza – BCP Student
For me, CSI is one of the best schools with best instructors, because all of them are professional. Along with that, the opportunities CSI is providing to international students are unbelievable. Imagine that, hundreds of students are able to achieve their dreams through the knowledge which they can get from school.
Sarvaiya, Dharmik – SMP Student
I’m a transfer student. I used to live in Washington DC, but then I moved to Chicago to study at BIR. After some time I decided to transfer to CSI, because the schedule is flexible for me and after finishing program you are able to get a certificate. For me it’s very important to be eligible for certificate because if I go back to Mongolia, these certificates will increase my chances to get a good job.
Enkhbayar, Khureltsetseg – AAP Student
Hi, my name is Karna. I’m taking Sales and Marketing at CSI. Why CSI? Because it’s affordable for each student and you can get knowledge about subjects you are studying at school. Also, CSI is good for me because I can earn some credits here to apply for University to get a Bachelor Degree.
Kachhia, Karna Hemangbhai – SMP Student

I have an MBA degree, but after I graduate, things just don’t work out well. Then I remember a famous saying in my country, “want success, either become a doctor, an attorney or a programmer.” I thought I am too old to become a doctor or an attorney, but I can become a programmer at any age. So I enrolled in CS Foundation programs. The computer skills I learned from CS Foundation programs really helped change my life.


Nizamuddin S. – CS Foundation Student

My dream school was the University of Texas, but as an international student, the tuition fee of universities is just not affordable for me. Then my brother, a CS Foundation student told me “try this one”. I came to CSI one year ago, the instructor is very helpful, and because of him, I am totally interested in programing!


Alyssa Bianca S. V. – CS Foundation Student

I heard about automatic testing and manual testing before, and I know there are so many opportunities in this field to be successful. So I searched online and found CSI’s CS Foundation programs. The school and instructor here put a lot of efforts to get you on the way to become success. So far so good!


Marina F. – CS Foundation Student

Everyone is seriously here; I have to say the program is not easy. But in this world, if you don’t have something to offer, people won’t care about you. CS Foundation program will boost your career, and you understand where you are going. CSI prepares your brain power in today’s competition. If you learned about programming, people would come to you with opportunities.

Pechulano Simon N. – CS Foundation Student

My dream is becoming a programmer on mobile programing. Last year, a CSI school representative gave a presentation about CS Foundation program, so I enrolled in. There are good teachers, course materials and book selections. I feel the school is really involved into this program. I remember the campus president would check every student herself and ask feedbacks. Based on what I learned here, I feel confident that I will get my dreamed programmer job after graduating from CSI.


Radu B. – CS Foundation Student

This is my first semester at CSI. As the time goes by I can say that it was an interesting and nice time I have spent here so far. I have made new friends, and got to know a new area of Chicago’s suburbs. The instructor was willing to help, created interesting assignments during this school term. A class atmosphere was nice and fun.  Short presentations of different projects were also interesting and knowledgeable.

Agnieszka – Student