26 Apr

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Hospitality Industry a Red-Hot Job Creator »

The leisure and hospitality industry has been a mainstay of the post-recession economy, creating jobs and opportunities for thousands of Americans. The industry looks to be a strong performer for the long-term future, as the Millennial generation eschews the fancy ...Read More

18 Apr

The Benefits of International Study »

Have you ever thought about studying in a foreign country? Perhaps you do know another language but are not aware of the benefits. Although English is the most common language spoken and studied in the world, there are several perks ...Read More

12 Apr

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Six Work-from-Home-Jobs for Administrative Assistants »

The great thing about administrative assistant jobs is that they can be relatively flexible.  As office jacks-of-all-trades, administrative assistants often have duties in areas such as finance, records, office management, and even information technology. The flexibility doesn’t stop with just ...Read More

26 Mar

How Marketing Courses Can Boost Your Career »

When most people think about marketing courses, they believe they are only for people pursuing careering in this field. This notion is not entirely accurate, as completing various coursework in marketing can help benefit other career fields, such as hospitality, ...Read More

12 Mar

How Careers in Hospitality Can Help You Travel the World »

Pursuing a hospitality career can open up opportunities to travel the world.Before you start packing your suitcase, there are a few things you need to understand about this career. First, there is a wide array of career fields within this ...Read More

26 Feb

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Administrative Assistants Are the Backbone of Most Companies »

Most people are surprised to learn administrative assistants are vital to the success of the executives, managers, and supervisors they support. Their role is much more than simply taking phone calls, updating calendars, booking travel, and taking care of other ...Read More

12 Feb

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Marketing Manager: One Career That Is Growing Due to New Technology »

When you are considering a career path, it is beneficial to look at fields that are currently growing and expanding. In recent years, many types of careers are experiencing growth, now and in the foreseeable future, largely due, in part, ...Read More

08 Feb

From New Immigrant to First Job: Resume is Your Story, Learn How to Tell It »

By Snezana Stojilkovic; Chicago, IllinoisHow many of you had a list of New Year resolutions? Was getting a new job or externship one of them? If it was, I guess you already started looking for new opportunities. Let's say you ...Read More

26 Jan

Customer Service Skills You Need to Be Successful »

Customer service representatives (CSRs), specialists, and technicians who are successful at their jobs understand there are essential skills vital to their positions. Some of these skills are learned while completing career training programs at our English second language school. Others, ...Read More

12 Jan

Customer Service Careers You Can Do from Home »

Work from home positions are growing in number as companies are starting to realize the cost savings they can experience by having employees stay home, rather than commute to a call center or office. Not only does it save businesses ...Read More