31 Jan

Student of the Month – Bakor Mohammed A »

Like many CSI students, Mohammed Abdulrahman Bakor traveled around the globe prior to his joining the CSI Skokie family in 2015, but unique to Mohammed is his extensive experience in the international finance industry. Mohammed was born in the Kingdom ...Read More

10 Dec

Student of the Month–Juan Daniel Cardona Cuartas »

Daniel Cardona is originally from Colombia. He learned about Computer Systems Institute (CSI) during his vacation to Boston three years ago. Daniel was looking to study and develop his skills through getting an education in the U.S. Daniel was looking ...Read More

08 Nov

Walking on Snow, Dreaming of Sand »

 As the snow crunches under foot on a snowy Chicago morning, Stefany De Abreu can’t help but to dream a little of the warm, sandy beaches in her native Venezuela. But these dreams are not just about warmer, sunnier days. ...Read More

01 Nov

Our Journey – New England »

Autumn in New England is well known for its beautiful foliage, crisp cool air, and mountain vistas located only a short drive from the city of Boston. The tipping of Earth on its axis and the changing of the sun’s ...Read More

09 Sep

Friendship Across Continents »

Many students feel torn between pursuing their dreams in America and leaving their beloved families behind in their home countries. Of course, nothing will replace the bond students have with their families overseas. Nonetheless, Tian-Ying Meng, fondly known as Apple, ...Read More

08 Aug

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Meet Thaimelly Tavares Rigobello »

Thaimelly Tavares Rigobello came to Computer Systems Institute’s Charlestown Campus last year and attended the Small Business Administrator program. Since then, she has been dreaming of building her own language school. Thaimelly came to CSI from Brazil, but this is ...Read More

17 Jul

Shine and let others Shine »

Marta Cebula impresses everyone as a young lady full of energy and positivity. Her face glows with a bright smile, may it be a warm, sunny day in May or a snowy, gloomy day in January in Chicago. No matter ...Read More

09 Jul

Meet Snizhana Kolesnyk »

Please meet Snizhana Kolesnyk from Kyiv, Ukraine. Snizhana lives on beautiful Cape Cod in the town of Yarmouth. She is also a student at Computer Systems Institute (CSI) Allston, MA having started in July, 2018. For those of you who do ...Read More

13 May

A Dominican in Chicago »

 Working on one's resume can be a difficult task, especially for those with a foreign background. Biencar Luciano, from the Dominican Republic, is not the exception. "Whenever somebody looks at my resume, they ask me how I can have such ...Read More

17 Apr

Meet Nirmal Arcot »

Nearly 30 million households tuned in to watch this year’s Oscar Awards Ceremony, solidifying it as the most watched non-sporting event in the country.One person who watched with keen interest is CSI student Nirmal Arcot, who prior to Oscar Night, ...Read More