21 May

From Central Asia to the USA: An International Student’s Long Journey Toward Success »

By Mansur Islamov; Skokie, Illinois [caption id="attachment_5179" align="alignleft" width="800"] Central Asian Student in the USA[/caption] For many international students from Central Asia, studying in the USA takes a longer journey and more effort than students from other countries. Many youths ...Read More

26 Apr

Education Choices for Central Asian Students Looking to Study Abroad »

By Mansur Islamov; Skokie, Illinois In the heart of the Eurasia continent lies Central Asia, a region rich in history and culture. This region benefits from a blend of national identities that have been cultivated through centuries. Central Asia, as ...Read More

30 Mar

Phlebotomy Career Training »

Phlebotomists work in a wide range of healthcare settings. With this medical profession projected to grow quickly, many are gravitating toward this field where there is good job security, salaries, and job satisfaction. There are opportunities for advancement as well. ...Read More

22 Mar

Writing Training for English Learner Students »

ESL Programs Help Students Improve English Writing ProficiencyESL programs and courses are designed to help students improve their English reading, comprehension, and conversation skills as well as improve their writing ability. These are important for integration into society and improving ...Read More

01 Mar

International New Year Resolutions »

By Leila Ataeva; Skokie, Illinois New Year = New diet + New plans. This is a typical formula for you to follow each year. Being an international student in the USA, I know it isn’t easy to start from the ...Read More

22 Feb

Maslenitsa »

By Leila Ataeva; Skokie, Illinois Do you like pancakes like Russian folk do? Then you, my international friend, probably heard about Maslenitsa. If not - it’s a good way to know about your Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian friends’ festival. For ...Read More

06 Feb

Why Do You Want To Work Here? »

By Shakhnoza Raimjonova; Skokie, Illinois “Why do you want to work here?” Most international students who apply for a job get this question asked during a face-to-face job interview. So, imagine, you are at an interview and you are asked ...Read More

11 Jan

When You Choose to Study Abroad »

By Shakhnoza Raimjonova; Skokie, Illinois Do you have a strong desire to be an International student and obtain global knowledge in your area of interest? Congratulations! You have made the first step towards an important decision! But have you thought ...Read More

11 Jan

Things International Students Bring To a New Country »

By Leila Ataeva; Skokie, Illinois Moving is not an easy process, especially when it comes to moving to a new country. When people move to a new country, they often feel like they want to take their whole house, all ...Read More

22 Dec

Do Not Let Anyone Steal Your Holidays »

By Leila Ataeva; Skokie, Illinois International students, are you excited about the upcoming holidays? We certainly hope so! The semester is coming to a close with all your final exams and projects coming to an end. With the Winter Break ...Read More