08 Feb

From New Immigrant to First Job: Resume is Your Story, Learn How to Tell It »

By Snezana Stojilkovic; Chicago, IllinoisHow many of you had a list of New Year resolutions? Was getting a new job or externship one of them? If it was, I guess you already started looking for new opportunities. Let's say you ...Read More

01 Dec

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What to Expect During the Holiday Season in the U.S. »

If this is your first holiday season in the United States, it may seem different from your own holiday traditions. By taking the time to learn a bit more about what to expect, most people are able to have some ...Read More

26 Nov

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Various Exciting Careers in Computer Science »

The computer science and information technology (IT) industry offers a wide array of different career opportunities. Deciding which career field to pursue is often directly related to the types of courses completed through computer science programs. Some programs offer a ...Read More

12 Nov

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The Growing Industry of Computer Science Professionals »

Computers and technology are an essential part of our daily lives, from text messaging on our smartphones to conducting online searches and shopping online. All of these, as well as other electronic and digitalized tasks that make our lives easier, ...Read More

08 Nov

“Windy City”? Not Even in the Top 10! »

By Snezana Stojilkovic; Chicago, Illinois[caption id="attachment_3842" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Chicago Skyline from North Avenue Beach. Photo: Bohao Zhao[/caption]How well do you know Chicago? Do you know how many people live in this “city of neighborhoods”? Where does that “windy” part coming ...Read More

26 Oct

After College: Why Graduates Are Continuing Their Education at Career Training Schools »

In recent years, there is a growing trend for recent university and college graduates with a 4-year degree to continue their education at career training schools. Most graduates are finding job markets rather competitive, more so than they originally anticipated.Part ...Read More

25 Oct

Are Americans rude, oblivious or busy? »

By Snezana Stojilkovic; Chicago, Illinois I use public transportation almost every day, and I was surprised by the fact that Americans rarely give up their seats for older people. We were taught that we are supposed to threat elderly with ...Read More

26 Sep

A List of Cultural Norms in the United States »

For foreigners visiting the United States to study or work abroad, there are numerous cultural differences which might not seem familiar to you or which have a different meaning, depending on where you were raised. The United States is a ...Read More

12 Sep

What Is Culture Shock? »

Culture shock is quite common in students who study abroad and for people moving to a new country to start a new job. Your surroundings are no longer familiar, and everything is different, including: Food Clothing Customs Language Values Communications ...Read More

02 Sep

The American Customer Service vs. Hospitality »

By Snezana Stojilkovic; Chicago, Illinois I talked last time about some distinctions between my home country and the country I am living in now. It seems that those differences are countless. Some of them I love, some I don't understand, ...Read More