01 Dec

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What to Expect During the Holiday Season in the U.S. »

If this is your first holiday season in the United States, it may seem different from your own holiday traditions. By taking the time to learn a bit more about what to expect, most people are able to have some ...Read More

08 Nov

“Windy City”? Not Even in the Top 10! »

By Snezana Stojilkovic; Chicago, Illinois[caption id="attachment_3842" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Chicago Skyline from North Avenue Beach. Photo: Bohao Zhao[/caption]How well do you know Chicago? Do you know how many people live in this “city of neighborhoods”? Where does that “windy” part coming ...Read More

25 Oct

Are Americans rude, oblivious or busy? »

By Snezana Stojilkovic; Chicago, Illinois I use public transportation almost every day, and I was surprised by the fact that Americans rarely give up their seats for older people. We were taught that we are supposed to threat elderly with ...Read More

26 Sep

A List of Cultural Norms in the United States »

For foreigners visiting the United States to study or work abroad, there are numerous cultural differences which might not seem familiar to you or which have a different meaning, depending on where you were raised. The United States is a ...Read More

12 Sep

What Is Culture Shock? »

Culture shock is quite common in students who study abroad and for people moving to a new country to start a new job. Your surroundings are no longer familiar, and everything is different, including: Food Clothing Customs Language Values Communications ...Read More

02 Sep

The American Customer Service vs. Hospitality »

By Snezana Stojilkovic; Chicago, Illinois I talked last time about some distinctions between my home country and the country I am living in now. It seems that those differences are countless. Some of them I love, some I don't understand, ...Read More

26 Aug

Best Ways to Immerse Yourself in American Culture »

Learning about American culture can be challenging for international students. Most of what you may know may have come from U.S.-based television programs and movies. Even if you have visited the U.S., you were there as a tourist, so your ...Read More

12 Aug

Tips for Preparing to Move to a New Country »

Moving to a new country to pursue your college education, internships, or other reasons can be daunting if you are not properly prepared. Taking the time to prepare before you move will save you headaches and hassles later. Visit the ...Read More

04 Aug

The America that International Students Can’t Learn from Movies (Part II) »

By Snezana Stojilkovic; Chicago, Illinois   “How are you?” It’s meaningless, just get used to it! And two years later, I still want to answer honestly when someone ask me: "How are you?". I do want to say if I ...Read More

15 Jul

The America that International Students Can’t Learn from Movies (Part I) »

By Snezana Stojilkovic; Chicago, Illinois Coming to the USA wasn’t an easiest decision for an international student. But, once I did it I had to prepare myself for a completely different way of life style, for the new culture, the ...Read More