18 Mar

Looking to the Future »

Boston, a world-renowned destination, welcomes many students who dream of studying in the U.S. Within a mile radius of the Back Bay section of Boston, there are about 250,000 college students studying and working toward making their dream a reality.In ...Read More

07 Feb

Meet Nataliia Shevchuk »

Many of us at CSI, whether students, faculty or staff, came to this country to follow a dream. Some of us are chasing it intently, some of us had to readjust to meet the new reality, while some are determined ...Read More

28 Sep

Career Opportunities for Students in the Business Career Program »

The Business Career Program at Computer Systems Institute is designed to immerse and integrate international students into the American business environment. You’ll learn all the technical skills and knowledge you need to qualify for many different career opportunities in the ...Read More

19 Sep

Why the Classroom Environment is Vital in the Learning Process »

The environment in which students and teachers interact is vital to the success of everyone involved. Everything from the decorations on the walls to the arrangement of desks and chairs play a role in how well students learn. Here are ...Read More

11 Sep

The Benefits of the Classroom Environment for International Students »

In this age of the Internet, an increasing number of students are deciding to enroll in online classes. There’s no doubt that online learning offers greater flexibility, but the classroom environment also has merits you can’t ignore. If you’re an ...Read More

30 Jul

Why International Students Should Study Billing and Coding »

For international students looking for a stable and profitable career, there’s no better field than billing and coding. The field of health information technology is growing steadily, and experts predict that’s a trend that will continue for many years into ...Read More

20 Jul

The Future Looks Bright for Medical Billing and Coding Professionals »

Are you considering a career in medical billing and coding? This industry offers a unique opportunity because, while careers in medical billing and coding do not require a specific degree, people with the right certifications can look forward to a ...Read More

21 May

From Central Asia to the USA: An International Student’s Long Journey Toward Success »

By Mansur Islamov; Skokie, Illinois [caption id="attachment_5179" align="alignleft" width="800"] Central Asian Student in the USA[/caption] For many international students from Central Asia, studying in the USA takes a longer journey and more effort than students from other countries. Many youths ...Read More

26 Apr

Education Choices for Central Asian Students Looking to Study Abroad »

By Mansur Islamov; Skokie, IllinoisIn the heart of the Eurasia continent lies Central Asia, a region rich in history and culture. This region benefits from a blend of national identities that have been cultivated through centuries. Central Asia, as it ...Read More

30 Mar

Phlebotomy Career Training »

Phlebotomists work in a wide range of healthcare settings. With this medical profession projected to grow quickly, many are gravitating toward this field where there is good job security, salaries, and job satisfaction. There are opportunities for advancement as well. ...Read More