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Academic Discussion Improves the Fluency of English

Academic discussions are an important aspect to the learning process and help improve the fluency of English in children, teens, and adults of all ages. Whether you are taking an ESL program, or English is already your main language, classroom discussions and study groups outside of the classroom allow you to hear English being used in a variety of contexts.

Being able to hear English and how others use the language allows you to gain insight into its proper structure and form. Discussions are sometimes redundant with similar ideas and concepts, but that is beneficial. The more a specific topic or subject is talked about, the more it provides the opportunity to hear how different people analyze and interpret content, and explains their understanding.

It is important, when participating in discussion groups, to ensure the groups are well balanced. Groups should consist of both ESL and primary-English-speaking participants. By balancing the group dynamic, it allows ESL students the opportunity to ask questions and share their ideas using English, while at the same time obtaining language support from other group members.

As in any classroom etiquette it is polite to avoid interrupting someone when they are speaking, even if their English is slightly imperfect. The objective of academic discussions is to provide the opportunity for people to improve vocabulary as the student reaches fluency in English. Overcorrecting can take away from the intended learning objectives of the discussion and should be kept to a minimum.

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