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Hello reader!

I guess I should introduce myself – my name is Altynbek Nazarov. I am an international student at the Computer Systems Institute. I was born and raised in a little town called Kerben, Kyrgyzstan. Living in a small village is a lot of fun – I like going to the grocery store and having employees already know you; people are nicer in general and not in a rush all the time. The feeling of community is strong, and one’s neighbors are like family. But living in a small town has some drawbacks as well, for instance, there are limited opportunities in education, sports, music and art, as well as jobs. As a child, I wanted to take piano and guitar lessons, and get involved in sports like hockey or gymnastics; unfortunately our town did not offer such classes. But while my country is small, it is very beautiful; almost 80% of the land is made up of mountains. Kyrgyzstan is over 6000 miles away from America, and an average airplane flight will take 18 or more hours.

I find America very attractive, because this is the only country in the world with such a diverse climate.  From mountains to plains, from lakes to deserts, from places like California where there is no rain to places like Florida where it rains every day. I have found the place I was looking for, a place where I have the chance to take classes in anything I can imagine. Here, there are many institutions that offer classes for free. After a couple months of living in America, I already felt part of a big community. And now I understand why many people call America the “Land of Opportunities.”

Looking forward to sharing and hearing from all of you!

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