Customer Service Skills You Need to Be Successful

Customer service representatives (CSRs), specialists, and technicians who are successful at their jobs understand there are essential skills vital to their positions. Some of these skills are learned while completing career training programs at our English second language school. Others, most people already possess and simply need to use when providing assistance to customers.
English Second Language School
  1. Treat customers like they were your friends. Granted, you do not know the person calling, but try to sound friendly and speak to them like they were your friend.
  2. Ask questions and listen. Some of the time the reason for the call and the actual problem are entirely different. Listen to what the caller says and clarify by asking the right questions.
  3. Do not rush through the call. Some firms might tell you that you need to handle calls quickly, which is poor customer service. Rather, take as much time as needed on each call to resolve the reason for the customer’s call.
  4. If you cannot resolve the customer’s issue, let them know that upfront but tell them you will help find someone who can. Never transfer them back into the phone queue but stay on the line with them until you can get another live agent.

By following the above suggestions and using your career training, you are sure to be a successful CSR! Enroll in our customer service training program today by calling CSI NOW at 1-847-967-5030 today!