Downtown Colleges vs. Suburban Colleges vs. Rural Colleges

There are many different college options here in the United States to choose from when you are looking to study abroad. There are three generalized categories used to classify a school:

  • Downtown (Urban)

Urban colleges offer the most diversity out of the three because they are located in large cities. You have easy access to public transportation, as well as a wide array of entertainment options when you are not studying. Plus, these colleges tend to have a greater selection of internships related to your program of study, such as internships after you complete your marketing courses.Business Management Courses

  • Suburban

Suburban colleges provide a blended learning environment somewhere between downtown and rural colleges. Student populations are still somewhat diverse but can be closer knit because there are often fewer students. Campus locations tend to be near bigger cities, so you still have access to everything in the urban center but without living in the city.

  • Rural

Rural colleges are considered those schools located far away from big cities in the countryside. These are often much smaller and much more intimate. These schools will offer a slice of American rural culture that it not seen in the cities. These campuses also tend to provide a tightly knit group of friends that will grow with you through your student years.

Depending on what you’re looking for in your American student experience, you can choose to be a city-goer or an American countryside dweller. No experience is better than the other; it all depends on what aspects of the American world you are drawn to. Luckily, we have campuses located in all three categories! To learn more about our programs of study or to arrange a tour of one of our campuses, please feel free to call Computer Systems Institute at 1-847-967-5030 today!