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Easy Tips to Prevent Hacking & Identity Theft


Foolproof Your Password: Easy Tips to Prevent Hacking & Identity Theft

May 29, 2013

by Robert Howden Campus Manager Computer Systems Institute

Data security is something everyone deals with nearly every day at work and at home. With the amount of cyber-crime on the rise too many people are putting too little emphasis on their own security and the most basic way to ensure your personal information is secure is to use strong passwords. The trick is that an impossible to guess password is like a door to a home with 8 deadbolts on it, sure its a secure home, but it also takes keeping track of all those keys and opening each bolt one at a time. More security means less convenience. Follow these tips to help secure your online accounts, bank accounts, and email services without losing your head trying to remember a million passwords.

A different, strong password for each account you have is strongly recommended for maximum security. Use a free password database like Keepass ( http://keepass.info/) to generate random high security passwords and store them for you. Keepass stores your passwords in an encrypted file that can be accesses by one master key. Just be sure to never lose your master key and keep a backup of that file on a DVD or thumb drive locked away!