Allston Learning Site

Allston Learning Site

1105 Commonwealth Ave
Boston, MA 02215

(781) 519-6450

Computer Systems Institute’s newest Allston Learning Site is located on Commonwealth Avenue (a.k.a Comm Ave) in Boston’s west suburb. The campus is within 15 yards of the Packard’s Corner Green Line station and is accessible by public transportation.

Allston’s bright, modern design utilizes large open spaces, a full-furnished student lounge, and contemporary art to position itself as a home away from home to international students. Allston classrooms comfortably accommodate 20-30 students and are equipped with computer work stations, high-speed Internet access, and LCD projectors to provide an engaging learning environment for students.

Sights around Allston/Boston

The Allston neighborhood (named after the American painter and poet Washington Allston) boasts as one of Boston’s most diverse and active neighborhoods. Centrally located in the I-90 corridor, Allston is the hub of multiple immigrant communities, including Turkish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Eastern European, Middle Eastern, and Brazilian. Apart from the active multicultural community, CSI’s new Learning Site is joining an exciting community of education institutions in the area, including world-class giants like Harvard, MIT, and Boston University.

English as a Second Language (ESL), Academic ESL Classes in Allston/Boston

Computer Systems Institute offers a number of English Language and professional programs at the Allston/Boston Learning Sites.

ESL programs are designed for language learners looking to improve their English language skills or are preparing to enter a U.S. college or university. CSI tailors its ESL programs to accommodate English learners of any skill and proficiency level. Courses cover vital language skills within three broad categories: vocabulary and conversation, writing and grammar, and reading strategies.

CSI also offers a number of Academic ESL programs (Literature, General Writing, and Communication). These programs were created for students with advanced knowledge of the English language, who want to further hone their skills in specific areas to gain an understanding of academic strategies, pertinent  to participation in higher education.

To learn more about programs offered at the Allston/Boston location please contact an International Admissions Representative.

Programs offered at the Allston/Boston learning site are:


Academic ESL


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