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Academic ESL Programs

Get The English Skills to Excel in U.S. College Classes

Academic ESL Programs
CSI offers three different Academic ESL programs: General Writing, Literature, and Communication

Computer Systems Institute’s Academic ESL Programs are designed for students who are highly proficient or approaching fluency in English. These courses include vocabulary building through reading and classroom discussion in addition to the development of academic writing skills and communication skills necessary for participation in U.S. college classrooms; Academic ESL prepares students to study in a mainstream classroom with native speakers by building their abilities to give critical opinions in academic discussion, to read attentively, and to write effectively.  These courses aid students in developing the skills needed for the language-based exams required for admission to a university program.

CSI offers three different Academic ESL programs:

  1. General Writing
  2. Literature
  3. Communication

Each program is three academic quarters (33 academic weeks) in length. These programs are not eligible for Title IV funding (financial aid). Form I-20 will not be issued for ESL Programs.

General Writing Program – 1 Year/33 weeks

The General Writing Program includes three courses which explore different types of composition: Different Writing Styles, Writing for Work, and Writing Student Newspaper. The program will help students develop the critical thinking skills and writing strategies needed to design professional documents, to write clearly, and to develop persuasive arguments. Classes will focus on rhetoric and sentence structure through writing and revising academic essays, articles, and business documents.  Upon successful completion of the program, students will gain a variety of appropriate writing and editing skills for a diverse range of professions.

Different Writing Styles
Course Length: 1 Quarter or 11 weeks

Writing for Work
Course Length: 1 Quarter or 11 weeks

Writing Student Newspaper
Course Length: 1 Quarter or 11 weeks

Literature Program – 1 Year/33 weeks

The Literature Program consists of three academic courses that introduce cultural and historical aspects of the U.S. through literature: Discovering Fiction, Discovering Short Stories, and America through Academic Readings. These courses teach students reading comprehension techniques, introduce them to different types of reading material, and give them the strategies they need to prepare for college-level reading, writing, and discussion. Additionally, students continue to build their academic vocabulary and study advanced grammar topics relevant to effective reading and writing.  By using academic vocabulary and critical thinking skills in a discussion forum, students communicate their ideas about American literature both orally and in writing.

Discovering Fiction
Course Length: 1 Quarter or 11 weeks

Discovering Short Stories
Course Length: 1 Quarter or 11 weeks

America through Academic Readings
Course Length: 1 Quarter or 11 weeks

Communication Program – 1 Year/33 weeks/3 quarters

The Communication Program consists of three courses that develop academic communication skills: The Art of Storytelling, Small Group Discussion, and Interpersonal Communication. The program emphasizes student participation in interviews, speeches, class presentations, debates, and group discussions to supplement the learning of organizational problem solving, decision making, and leadership skills.  These courses also emphasize the importance of verbal and non-verbal social cues and signals in different cultures, international communication, and formal speaking.  Upon successful completion of the program, students learn how to speak easily in front of the class, in small groups, and one-on-one with other students.

The Art of Storytelling
Course Length: 1 Quarter or 11 weeks

Small Group Discussion
Course Length: 1 Quarter or 11 weeks

Interpersonal Communication
Course Length: 1 Quarter or 11 weeks

These programs are offered in Allston/Boston, Charlestown/Boston, Worcester, Chicago, Skokie, and Lombard/DuPage.

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