When Alex arrived in the U.S. from Turkmenistan in 2014, he had no idea he would soon be helping people just like him pursue their dreams. He left everything behind in search of a brighter future on the other side of the world—something many Computer Systems Institute students and staff can relate to.

“I came for better life opportunities and for freedom,” Alex reflected on his journey to where he is today.

So, where is Alex today? Currently, he is an International Assistant Admissions Manager at the Chicago, IL campus. But before we get into what he does now, let’s walk through Alex’s journey with CSI.

It all started in June 2015 when he applied online to at CSI. He was interviewed by the Admissions Manager at the time, and he was even offered a position as an admissions representative after that interview. However, Alex felt more confident is starting out in the Administrative Assistant role for the front desk, since he had not worked in an educational setting before.

After working for five months as an Administrative Assistant at the Front Desk and learning the ropes of CSI, Alex finally felt confident to move into an admissions role at CSI. Since then, he has been helping international students navigate their education and career paths, drawing from his own personal experiences immigrating to the U.S. Working with students from many different countries is one of Alex’s favorite parts about CSI.

Another favorite part of CSI for Alex is his co-workers. “We all are like family,” he shared, adding that “I love that everybody around me cares and always works as a team.” Even as people come and go over the years, Alex still feels the strong sense of community and commitment to the students among the staff.

Now with 8 years at CSI, Alex shares many of the lessons he learned in his own experiences with fellow Admissions team members. “I love to share my experiences with the team who I overlook,” he stated. These experiences include how to talk to students, how to explain the different opportunities CSI offers, and how to solve difficult situations.

Alex looks forward to reaching 10 years of service with CSI and many more years after that. He’s proud of how much has already accomplished professionally at CSI, i

“I’m very optimistic for the future.”

If you’re interested in applying to CSI and working with Alex and other members of the CSI team, you can contact us by calling 847-967-5030 or learn more about our career opportunities here.