By Leila Ataeva; Skokie, Illinois

Moving is not an easy process, especially when it comes to moving to a new country. When people move to a new country, they often feel like they want to take their whole house, all of their family, friends, and pets along with them. That certainly would be nice, but let’s take a look at what is actually possible. The amount of things you are allowed to take with you is limited by your airline (I’m kidding, but it’s still true).

I’ve spoken to many students at my school and made a list of all the interesting things they brought when they became international students in a new country.

Let me share my experience with you first. One year ago I became a CSI student. It was a winter. I brought with me shoes – I brought low-heeled shoes for spring and even sandals for summer. I planned for the summer season for 6 months before it came! My friends told me I was crazy, I could find shoes in America, but with my small feet (size 5.5, sometimes even 5) it’s a big problem. Even in Moscow it was tough to find something for me. To be precise, I brought 2 pairs of winter boots, 2 pairs low-heeled shoes for spring and 3 pairs sandals for summer.

Mohammad Osama Mohammad Al Soub, SMP: “When I moved to America it was summer, so I took only summer clothes in hopes that I could buy other stuff here. I was right.”

Supriya Pandurang Naik, SBA: “My most prized possession, as I would like to call it, is my extensive collection of stationery and arts and crafts materials. I have always been a craft nerd and working with my hands to create things gives me immense satisfaction. From my very faint recollection, I believe I have materials as old as me (or maybe even older, because they were my Grandmother’s), that I have collected and stored over the years and there was no way I was parting with any of it. So I packed up large brown boxes with everything and sealed it shut (I was worried my older sister would steal them so I had to tape the boxes shut) before flying out of India. And then my genius mind (as I like to think of it) came up with the brilliant idea of packing everything that I possibly owned in postal boxes that my lovely family could mail me once I was ‘partly’ (one can never completely settle here, at least not in your head) settled here, in the US.”

Ahmet Tachmuradov, BCP: “I used to travel before I moved to America. Everytime I went somewhere I bought magnets as a memory from the places I had visited. I decided to bring them with me to remind myself of how many interesting trips I’ve taken in the past and how many are waiting for me in the future. I also brought my books. Favorite ones. I knew I could find them here, but I decided my favorite authors with my favorite heroes should travel with me.”

Shakhnoza Raimjonova, BCP: “I decided to bring here our national flag because it reminds me of our motherland, my childhood, family and my history. Besides that, my husband asked me to bring national sweets and bread. Many Uzbek students or people miss the traditional food we’ve been accustomed to. Aside from the national and traditional things, you can find just about everything pretty easily here.”

This is not even the full list of things students usually take with them when they move. I’m sure you all have little treasures you always take with you. Please do not hesitate to share with us. Let’s see maybe you can find someone who has exactly the same things but from different countries.

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