For over 35 years, Computer Systems Institute has remained committed to supporting students’ academic and professional growth. CSI celebrates its 35th anniversary with the launch of the Student Success Center, an online hub that provides a gateway to a comprehensive menu of varied student resources.

Irene Turovsky, VP of Academics, envisioned a student success center as a virtual space where students could access resources vital to their academic success. In 2023, Ms. Turovsky led a committee comprised of Academic leadership across CSI’s six campuses to identify the key content areas that would serve as the foundation of the new Student Success Center.

The Student Success Center’s mission is to provide comprehensive wrap-around services that empower students to realize their academic and professional goals and maximize opportunities for success. Ms. Turovsky explained, “At CSI, a student-centered approach ensures that all students have immediate access to information, resources, and support they are seeking to succeed.”

The Student Success Center has replaced the CSI Student Portal with an exciting expansion of resources. It features academic, immigration, career development, technology, and everyday support resources focused on multiple aspects of student life.

  • Academic services and resources are at the heart of the Student Success Center, offering students tutoring, academic, personal advising, and workshops on study skills, time management, and other topics.
  • Immigration advising resources are available for international students, including how to apply for a driver’s license, social security number, F-1 student employment opportunities, and more.
  • Career Development support provides career-focused steps in the process of preparing students for the journey through the interview process.
  • Technology resources and apps for note-taking, working with PDF files, design, and other interactive tools are available to help students learn and master course content.

“The most exciting aspect of the Student Success Center for the development team is its ability to empower students to reach their full potential. It fosters a sense of community and creates an exciting environment to support students’ holistic development,” concluded Ms. Turovsky.

The Student Success Center will continue to evolve with a focus on incorporating innovative resources and interactive technologies to enhance the student journey. Access the Student Success Center today at!