Professional customer relationship management through effective customer service is a specialty that requires understanding and mastery of a wide array of skills and competencies. The Customer Service Specialist (CSS) program prepares students as customer service professionals with foundational skills in service operations and management of customer relationships. The importance of communication, customer data analysis, and organizational metrics are integral in maintaining quality in the customer service delivery and experience. The program’s theory and practice are delivered through classroom lecture and activities that reflect the diverse environment of modern organizations. The CSS Program prepares students for further study in higher education as well as a wide variety of careers. Upon successful completion of the program, students will receive a certificate of completion.


1 Academic Year
*48 Credit Hours


Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer



Tuition: $1,375 per quarter
Course Materials Fee: $85 per quarter
Supply Fee: $40 per quarter
Total: $1,500 per quarter

Tuition: $5,500 per year
Course Materials Fee: $340 per year
Supply Fee: $160 per year
Total: $6,000 per year


Tuition: $1,425 per quarter
Course Materials Fee: $85 per quarter
Supply Fee: $40 per quarter
Total: $1,550 per quarter

Tuition: $5,700 per year
Course Materials Fee: $340 per year
Supply Fee: $160 per year
Total: $6,200 per year

Customer Relationship Management

12 Qtr. Credit Hours / 11 Weeks
90 Externship Hours
Students will be introduced to theories, principles, strategies, initiatives and resources to establish, maintain and project successful customer relationships in a growing business enterprise. Course content is derived from a variety of resources regarding the value of customer relationship management, customer data portfolio analysis, and awareness and respect for customer intimacy and loyalty. Through lecture and projects, students will acquire and develop analytical thinking skills.

Customer Service as a Career

12 Qtr. Credit Hours / 11 Weeks
90 Externship Hours
The course materials utilize theoretical resources from psychology and contemporary models of human behavior to reinforce the value of a methodical approach to managing customer relationships. Students will survey and develop a broad understanding of the diverse array of opportunities derived from an education in customer service management. Through lecture and projects, students will review case studies of real and hypothetical businesses with a focus on customer service concepts and principles. Students will explore practical applications of customer service within various career fields.

Strategies in Service Operations

12 Qtr. Credit Hours / 11 Weeks
90 Externship Hours
This course introduces the concepts, principles, problems, and practices of operations management, and the production and delivery of goods and services. Topics include operations strategy, process design, capacity planning, facilities location and design, forecasting, production scheduling, inventory control, quality assurance, and project management. Students will also get a chance to explore the dynamics of internal and external customers and how to deliver value to both.

Customer Service Communication

12 Qtr. Credit Hours / 11 Weeks
90 Externship Hours
Students will learn fundamental customer service, telephone etiquette, sales techniques and professionalism. Topics include optimal communication techniques, rapport building and problem solving. Students will participate in realistic simulations to improve communication and meet objectives in a call center and other customer service environments.


The curriculum for this program incorporates classroom learning and practical experience gained through required externship. The externship component of the course provides students with the opportunity to apply and integrate knowledge and skills acquired through their coursework. In clarifying and broadening career goals, the externship experience assists students in discovering, developing and refining necessary competencies and skills for their proposed career objectives. The student’s externship position must meet at least 70% of the program objectives listed below.


  • Participate in the planning and analysis of successful daily customer service activities
  • Execute customer service strategies that will expand the business’ customer base
  • Support service strategies in operations management
  • Work with frontline customer support service programs and serve as a liaison between the company and the customer
  • Analyze customer satisfaction through the use of surveys, social media, and other industry accepted practices
  • Demonstrate persuasive communication skills in interactions with customers and business partners
  • Apply proper techniques to effectively manage complex customer service cases
  • Demonstrate effective leadership skills to foster teamwork and develop a positive work environment

Students are required to have an Externship (CPT) for enrollment into this program.

Communication Skills for Business Certification

Industry-specific certifications provide significant advantages to professionals and job candidates. They allow participants to be strategically positioned in the interview process, which may lead to gainful employment.

Communication Skills for Business Certification allows students to validate their understanding of key communication principles, such as professional communication skills, effective verbal, nonverbal, and listening skills, creating business deliverables, etc. It helps to develop communication skills that will give students a big edge in the job competition.

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    Job Outlook

    This program prepares you for the following careers:

    • Administrative Assistant/Coordinator
    • Information Specialist
    • Administrative Supervisor
    • Concierge
    • Counter Attendant/Clerk
    • Customer Service Associate/Representative/Manager/Supervisor
    • Floor Supervisor • Assistant General Manager
    • Front Desk Clerk
    • Receptionist or Information Desk Representative
    • Office or Administrative Support Representative
    • Patient Representative
    • Restaurant or Lounge Host/Hostess
    • Assistant Store Manager
    • Staff Services Assistant Manager
    • Travel Agent
    • Account Manager
    • Account Services Representative
    • Call Center Representative/Coordinator
    • Relationship Manager

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    Receptionists and
    Information Clerks

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    Customer Service

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    Sales Managers

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    I did my research, I knew that companies searching for IT professionals were looking for CERTIFICATIONS and job experience — not two or four year degrees, CSI fit the bill.

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    Shawn G.

    For me, CSI is one of the best schools with best instructors, because all of them are professional. Along with that, the opportunities CSI is providing to international students are unbelievable.

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    Cornelius Oluwaseun Amondi

    Quickly approaching my third semester of my first full year at CSI, my experience with CSI is a great institution. All of my professors are good as well. I learn many useful and stimulating things in the brief time that I am a student here. There is a delightful mix of age, class, and ethnicity…


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