English as a Second Language – ESL Program

Computer Systems Institute offers English as a Second Language (ESL Programs) at all our campuses in Illinois (IL) and Massachusetts (MA). If you are looking for ESL classes in Chicago or ESL classes in Boston, CSI has a program for you.

Intensive English Program – Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced; Academic English Program on MA campuses and Communication on IL campuses are offered starting the Winter 2024 quarter.

  • Intensive English programs
  • Learn English speaking, listening, and writing
  • Highly qualified and skilled English instructors
  • Courses on vocabulary, writing, grammar, reading, critical thinking
  • Tuition around $4,000 for one year, including books

Available Programs and Courses

ESL Academy

Intensive English (ESL) and Academic English Programs

All levels of English classes are available for international students:

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Academic English
  • Communication

Computer Systems Institute enrolls international students for Transfer, Change of Status, Reinstatement, and Abroad (from home country).

At the beginner level of the Intensive ESL, students will learn the basics of communicating in English. Through language lab classes, workshops, and lecture classes, students will become comfortable speaking about relatively simple topics with classmates, teachers, and native English speakers. Students with placement exam scores of 20-49.99 (A1) are placed in Beginner ESL.

English learners at the intermediate level will build on their existing language skills and focus on more accurately expressing their meaning in writing and conversation. Students with placement exam scores of 50-80.99 (A2/B1) are placed in Intermediate ESL.

Students within advanced level studies will learn more technical vocabulary to be able to discuss complex topics. Graduates of Advanced ESL will be able to speak knowledgeably on a wide range of subjects. Students with placement exam scores of 81-99.99 (B2) are placed in Advanced ESL.

Students within advanced level studies will learn academic-level writing, speaking, critical thinking, grammar, and vocabulary. Graduates of the Academic ESL program will be able to successfully participate in academic discourse at the university level through the composition of academic essays and research papers, critical analysis of academic texts, and meaningful contributions to debates and discussions on academic topics. Students with placement exam scores of 90-120 (C1) are placed in Academic English.

The program emphasizes student participation, interviews, and oral presentations, which supplement the learning of organizational problem solving, decision-making, leadership, and the establishment of healthy interpersonal relationships. Upon successful completion of the program, students learn how to speak easily in front of the class, in a small group, and one-on-one with other students. Available for students with placement exam scores of 81 – 115.99 (B2).

Information for international students

Computer Systems is authorized under Federal law to enroll non-immigrant alien students.

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