International Students – I-20s are not issued for this program

Web Application Development Program is focused on coding, program logic, data structures, APIs, and best practices for creating quality software. Students will learn to create user interfaces, handle data flow, build backend for request processing, implement entity-relationships into efficiently functioning databases. The program prepares students for further study in higher education and enables them to pursue professional goals in the field. Upon successful completion, students will receive a CSI Certificate of Completion and will also be able to earn industry specific certification.

Certifications validate your skills to potential employers. Certification exam preparation and fees for 1 exam are included with this program.


  • Microsoft Exam: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3
  • Python Institute Exam: PCAP – Certified Associate in Python Programming
  • W3schools: SQL Developer

Program Length

22 weeks (20 academic weeks + 2 administrative weeks)
Except for the Web Application Development Concentration


22 Weeks
24 Credit Hours


300 Total Hours
240 Hours – Instructor Led
60 Hours – Online


Tuition: $4,820
Course Materials Fee: $300
Supply Fee: $80

Total: $5,200 per year

New Total: $4,080 per year

User Interface Design

6 Qtr. Credit Hours / 5 Weeks
User interface (UI) is the foreground of any Web site or Web application. Students will practice designing user-centered interfaces using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The course gives a comprehensive overview of modern HTML components and their attributes, explores layout techniques and styling methodologies. Students will create responsive Web pages using material design guidelines, and enhance the UI with animations and user events processing. Modern elements of HTML5 and CSS3 are presented to replace deprecated Flash components for complex animations and embedded objects. The course also focuses on best practices in user experience to implement intuitive and user-friendly Web sites.

Introduction to Programming

6 Qtr. Credit Hours / 5 Weeks
The course introduces fundamental concepts of programming using Python. Python is one of the most popular interpreted programming languages with powerful debugging and profiling tools that is used to implement professional grade desktop and Web applications. The course covers basic data and control structures, program flow, and typical algorithms. Students will be able to implement complex logical structures, manipulate data objects, identify and fix
errors in code, and write clean & readable code using best coding practices. Additional topics include version control and unit testing techniques to improve maintainability and overall quality of the applications.

Web Application Development

6 Qtr. Credit Hours / 5 Weeks
The course focuses on designing and developing Web applications using Python, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It provides a hands-on guide to object-oriented python web programming, working with multiple types of servers, databases and web frameworks. Topics include http request processing, web-services, web-filters, testing, debugging, multithreading, user session processing, maintenance of web applications. Students will learn to create scalable, maintainable, and flexible applications for the web. Integration testing techniques will be introduced to improve quality control over complex multi-tier software systems.

Database Administration

6 Qtr. Credit Hours / 5 Weeks
The course will explore the relational database model with emphasis on the design and querying of relational databases. The course will improve student skills in programming, modeling the structure of data and administering databases. Focus is placed on the 3 subsets of Structured Query Language (SQL): Data Control Language (DCL), Data Definition Language (DDL), and Data Manipulation Language (DML). Students will learn to create and modify database tables, manipulate data, perform complex join queries, create triggers and stored procedures, enforce referential integrity constraints, control user permissions and concurrent access.

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    What Our Graduates Say

    I did my research, I knew that companies searching for IT professionals were looking for CERTIFICATIONS and job experience — not two or four year degrees, CSI fit the bill.

    Today I am a systems administrator for IBM and have my own office. I wouldn’t be here without CSI.

    Shawn G.

    For me, CSI is one of the best schools with best instructors, because all of them are professional. Along with that, the opportunities CSI is providing to international students are unbelievable.

    Imagine that, hundreds of students are able to achieve their dreams through the knowledge which they can get from school.

    Dharmik Sarvaiya

    I am so happy that I had the chance to go to CSI. Met wonderful people, was taught by the best teachers. A great experience overall. I will miss CSI. I would recommend it to anyone.

    It’s affordable and it has very useful programs. Thanks again for the opportunity. Good luck to everyone.

    Nicoleta Ionela Brinza

    I chose CSI because most of my friends suggested this school for me. CSI is a school where you can find new friends and learn something new. And it’s also affordable, which is really important for international students.

    Cornelius Oluwaseun Amondi

    Quickly approaching my third semester of my first full year at CSI, my experience with CSI is a great institution. All of my professors are good as well. I learn many useful and stimulating things in the brief time that I am a student here. There is a delightful mix of age, class, and ethnicity…


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