“When I stepped foot in the United States for the first time all the years ago, I was just a girl trying to find her path in life. What I didn’t realize was that my experience at Computer Systems Institute (CSI) is what would help shape me into the woman I have become. I will always cherish this period of my life,” stated Christina Mitroulia.

When Christina Mitroulia and her husband left Greece for Chicago seven years ago, she thought she would be embarking on a year or two journey with her husband to further her education. Still, once she stepped foot into the halls of CSI, a whole new world opened up to her. One filled with passion, education, and growth.

“When we landed in Chicago, we loved it right away. We were newlyweds, and our future was wide open, but it was also scary; it was something completely different from the life we knew,” added Mitroulia.

However, that feeling quickly changed.

Have you ever walked into a new city, a new job, or a new school and immediately felt at home? That instantaneous moment of warmth and inclusion is what Christina felt the first time she walked through the doors at CSI. She knew her search was over, and she had found her next temporary home.

With a desire to study Business Management, the first course Christina was advised to take was one that would advance her English Language skills and further her writing and public speaking skills. As Christina continued her studies in general business, management, and accounting at CSI, she soon realized that she had other passions and interests outside of Business Management. During her growth process at CSI, it turned out that what she really loved was the administration courses. Taking part in the Curricular Practical Training (CPT) program further solidified those feelings, providing an opportunity to work as a school secretary and help to organize events.

So, can you really have it all? Christina has found a way to combine her passion for education, travel, and culture into her future career as she embarks on the next phase of her life, finishing up her last course with CSI and moving to Canada with her husband to continue doing something that she loves – working at a Greek Canadian School. If not for CSI, Christina may have never known just how many paths there are in life to choose from.

If, like Christina, you’re also looking for your path in life and an opportunity to build on your English skills, reach out to a member of our admissions team at csiadmissions@csinow.edu or 1-888-910-5083.