Is an ESL Program Necessary for International Students?

Today, there are many different career training and educational programs for international students to pursue here in the United States. One of the more common misconceptions foreign students can have is believing in the need to enroll in an ESL program of study prior to starting any of their relevant coursework.

However, this is not always the best course for some foreign students. In cases where you already can speak, read, and write English, there is often no need to complete an ESL program before starting your studies. Rather, you can skip ahead and begin your education and development of the professional and customer relations skills you need for your future career.
ESL Program Necessary for International Students

Furthermore, outside of the classroom, you are exposed to a wide range of English from television programs and movies to music. You could even volunteer your time in a setting where you can practice interacting with others and speaking English.

Many of the career training and skills building programs you complete will provide diverse classroom learning environments, allowing you plenty of opportunities to practice and improve your English skills. Not to mention, many of the programs like these will also include an internship so you can put your skills to work in a real work environment!

If you are already comfortable with the English language, then you are ready to start your career training without having to complete an ESL program. For more information about our business, marketing, and professional skills building programs, contact Computer Systems Institute at 1-847-967-5030 and speak with one of our representatives today!