• ESL Academy launches with an offer of free intermediate level English training for students who meet admissions requirements
• ESL Academy courses will occur at partner school Computer Systems Institute’s sites across Massachusetts

September 25, 2017: Computer Systems Institute, the Illinois and Massachusetts post-secondary education provider announced the launch of its partnership with the ESL Academy in Massachusetts to focus on the delivery of the highest quality English as a second language training.

The ESL Academy is offering qualifying students the limited time opportunity to sign up for free,* intermediate level, English as a second language (ESL) training.

The ESL Academy supports students across Massachusetts to improve their language writing and grammar skills. To celebrate the launch, all students who meet admissions requirements and enroll this month will be offered the intermediate writing and grammar 30-week course (1 day a week) free of charge.

The courses will be held at its partner school, Computer Systems Institute’s (CSI), three Massachusetts campuses in Allston, Charlestown, and Worcester.

Julia Lowder, CEO of CSI said, “The free part-time course is aimed to give students the extra support they need to achieve their professional and academic goals. Having been an immigrant to the US many years ago, I appreciate the challenges these students have in our highly competitive work environment. The offer of free training to celebrate the launch of the ESL Academy supports our aim to give them the best opportunities available.”

Students who want to apply for this course must register in person at a CSI location by October 28, 2017.

In addition to this free part-time course, ESL Academy plans to offer a wide range of ESL full and part-time courses. Courses include beginner, intermediate and advanced ESL, general writing, literature, communication, cultural immersion and English for travel. Partner school CSI operates across Massachusetts and Illinois and also offers a variety of courses in computing, business and healthcare related areas.

For further information please visit ESL Academy at http://www.eslacademy.edu/