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Have a Question About CSI’s Networking Career Program?

Do I need previous programming experience to be successful in the Networking Career Program (NCP) concentration in Web Development program?

No previous coding experience is required to be successful in the program, but students should be comfortable with technology and the basics of operating a computer.

What are some of the technologies students will learn in the NCP’s Web Development Program?

UX/UI, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Python, Django, jQuery, Node.js, Agile, Version control with Git, Linux console, Maria. DB and as well as Agile Development workflow and Jira.

What does certification preparation look like in CSI’s NCP Programs?

Certification preparation at CSI goes beyond just teaching the material. Passing certification exams requires understanding how to decipher test questions to understand the real questions being asked. CSI instructors cover the topics and practice questions while helping students learn to navigate certification exams. Students will have the opportunity to take practice exams to ensure they are prepared and ready to take and pass the certification exam.

Does CSI offer evening and weekend courses?

Evening and weekend courses are available. At CSI, we believe there should be no barriers to your education. The NCP programs are designed to fit the needs of busy, adult learners. Many of our students are raising families and/or continue to work while going to school. We’re happy to work with you to help you find a schedule that fits your life.

Why Choose CSI to learn computer networking, IT or web application development?

At CSI, in just 12 months students can get the foundational as well as most in-demand skills to become a computer networking or IT professional or jumpstart a career as a web application developer. Students will learn in practical environments under the attentive guidance of experienced professionals and they will enjoy the flexibility of hybrid programs that combine instructor led classroom and online learning for convenient, efficient education. We find that it all comes down to comprehensive courses taught by friendly, experienced instructors. Our teachers get students excited about the subject matter and encourage them to succeed. CSI is an affordable alternative to traditional degree programs where you will recieve the instruction you need to land your ideal job. Find your passion at CSI; contact us today for more info about our networking career program courses