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Why CSI?

whycsi Lee 325x325#WHYCSI – Most international schools have ESL program, and then I found CSI’s skill building programs in particular the Small Business Administrator program. The SBA program appealed to me because I dreamt of someday starting up a company of my own. Usually international students that come to the US do not get an advantage learn about small business experiences. The SBA class gave me useful information on small business environment in Illinois, and introduced me to SCORE a mentoring program from senior business advising to bookkeeping.
– Zinone Lee

#WHYCSI – I come to CSI two days a week, it’s a flexible schedule. The teachers here are really helping. They value your opinion, and it’s not just what you learn and what they teach. The admissions are very flexible as well. What we learned here is not only a language, and the cultural as well which come with the language. And when you go back to your country you can work in different area, and do some real thing in our life. So I would recommend everyone to join CSI!
– Faisal Syed

#WHYCSI – “This is a great place to start your new life in the US, and it’s a very nice school to learn a different language, to meet wonderful people, to make friends, to achieve your dream, and I can’t think a better words as this is the best school ever. Please come here, you’ll never forget this experience!”
– Daria Korteva

Jomar de Oliveira#WHYCSI – I choose CSI because the location is pretty good. They have a station like two blocks away. Also, they always keep classrooms and kitchen very clean. I’d like to say what I most like in CSI are the teachers, most of them are very friendly, helpful, and they have great knowledge about what they are teaching us.
– Jomar de Oliveira Jr.

Daveshira Hood#WHYCSI – I graduated high school in 2008 and got a two-year degree to go into medical assisting, but I didn’t pass the Registered Medical Assistant certification exam. That stopped me in my tracks so I spent the next 2 years working part-time secretarial and food service jobs. Then I decided to try again and enrolled into CSI’s Healthcare Program clinical track. The teachers are very supportive and available if you need extra help, and the Career Development people really helped preparing me for job interviews. I did my externship, passed the RMA exam and found a Medical Assisting job quickly. I really like my career and am thinking about going to nursing school.
– Daveshira Hood

Maria Sanchez
#WHYCSI – I was working at the counter in a computer repair store and loved being in the lab with all the technicians. When I discovered CSI’s networking career program, I signed up right away because of the hands-on training, the ability to graduate in eight months, and the personal attention they gave me right from the beginning. I started an IT assistant job at Nestle four days after I passed my fifth certification test, and now I’m the first one who gets called any time a laptop, printer or desktop breaks down. CSI prepared me well, especially in the classes that prepared me for the CompTIA A+ exam. Everything on that test is a must-know for what I do here at Nestle’s and one of the reasons I got the job.
– Maria Sanchez

Shaquanda Barker
#WHYCSI – When I started CSI’s Networking Career Program, I didn’t know anything about computers and didn’t even have one myself. Today, I’m working as a configuration tech at CDW in Vernon Hills and it’s changed my life. I’m a single mother with three children, I was always struggling with bills, my car got repossessed, and I kept losing jobs because I either had no way to get to work or missed too many days because the kids were sick. I knew that had to change so I worked hard at CSI and got a lot of support from instructors who gave me extra help even when I was no longer taking classes from them.
– Shaquanda Barker

Debra Kolanko#WHYCSI – With four children under 8, I knew I needed a better job than working retail. The Business Career Program at CSI got me there in 8 months. My instructors went above and beyond to help, including coaching me on professionalism and mock interviewing me before job interviews. Due to the social media training I got at CSI, I was hired as the Director of Services for an in-home senior care agency 2 weeks before I graduated. With that, the confidence that CSI gave me, and the certifications I earned in customer service, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, I’m already making more money than before with opportunities to grow.
– Debra Kolanko

#WHYCSI – I first attended CSI in 2006 to study medical coding and billing. I returned in 2013 – 2014 to become a medical assistant because I had such a positive experience at the school the first time. They give you a lot of one-on-one attention to make sure you learn what you need to learn. The second time around, for example I didn’t think I would ever be able to understand all the lines in an EKG, but the teacher taught me in three days. I received my Certified Clinical Medical Assistant, EKG Technician and Phlebotomy Technician certifications right away.
– Lawanda Miller

Yolanda#WHYCSI – I was a fast food restaurant manager for almost 11 years, and I wanted a job with regular hours so I could spend more time with my family. CSI’s Business Career Program helped me make the switch to office work; gave me the computer knowledge I needed to get certified in Microsoft Word, Power Point and Excel; and allowed me to finish in just 32 weeks. I started working full-time at Sears as a router and dispatcher a month before graduation. It’s made a huge difference in my life and has given me a path to grow.
– Yolanda Acost

#WHYCSI – After 13 years of going from job to job, I decided to study information technology. I chose CSI because their Networking Career Program took less than a year, they had small classes with hands-on training, their Chicago campus had on-site daycare for my three-year-old daughter, and they were willing to bend over backwards to help their students succeed. Every instructor worked with me to fill in whatever information I did not understand. I graduated in July 2015, passed my CompTIA A+, as well as my Customer Service Certification, and started to work right away
– Jesus Velez

Aalecia Johnson CPT 062116#WHYCSI – My experience with taking the Certified Phlebotomist Technician CPT exam, was a little nerve wrecking. I was worried about forgetting everything I learned. I was worried about not passing and having to take the test all over again, even though I knew I studied really hard, but I was still having doubts. I think that walking into the room, and signing-in, and taking a seat was the worst part. This was it, I was going to pass and be certified or fail and be disappointed in myself. Taking the test wasn’t so bad especially after I realized I knew what they were talking about.  The test tries to trip you up by asking you the same questions over again but in a different way but you just have to follow your first instinct because it is usually right.  If you don’t know the answer to a couple of questions don’t let it get to you, you will be fine as long as you study and don’t let your nerves get to you.  Hopefully when you walk out of the room you can say you’re certified just like me.
– Aalecia Johnson

whycsi-Erik-500x500#WHYCSI – I started learning about computers in the Army and worked as a contractor providing Tier 2 help desk support for several years after I got out of the service, but when that contract ended it took me eight months to find work again because there was a glut of people with my credentials. Finding CSI’s networking career program changed everything. In 32 weeks I gained specialized skills that made me more employable, passed my CompTIA A+ certification tests, and had my tuition completely covered by CSI’s financial assistance program for veterans. Now I’m on a career path that gives me many more opportunities than I had before.
– Erik Valentine

whycsi-Alexis-500x500#WHYCSI – I spent a year waitressing after getting my B.A. from a four year college because I couldn’t find a job. Then I found out about CSI’s clinical healthcare career program at a local job fair. I enrolled right away, graduated eight months later, passed all of my certification tests, and started a medical assisting job at Glenbrook Hospital the next month. The small classes at CSI, the personal attention from instructors, and the hands-on training in areas like phlebotomy really prepared me for the work world. If I had known about this program five years earlier, I definitely would have attended CSI first.
– Alexis Behnke

whycsi-padilla-500x500#WhyCSI – I graduated high school in 2005 and worked a series of jobs with no real career direction until 2014. That’s when my wife found out about CSI and I enrolled in their 8 month Business Career Program. I started looking for a job a month before I graduated, found a graphic’s company that needed an accounting clerk, and started there as a temp. The owner handed me time sheets to do payroll my first day on the job, and I was able to do it because of the hands-on QuickBooks training I had at CSI. I was hired full-time within a week and I’m now the finance manager. The CSI instructors went above and beyond to be sure that I understood the lessons, taught me to be detail-oriented, and even helped me solve a problem after I got the job. They are the reason I am where I am today.
– Antonio Padilla

WhyCSI_Lara_Araujo_1#WHYCSI – “Estou conhecendo os professores, pois estes na minha opinião, são os que definem a qualidade de uma escola. E estou gostando muito das técnicas de ensino utilizadas por eles para nos ensinar. Estou certa de que fiz uma ótima escolha!”

I know the teachers, as these in my opinion are the ones that define the quality of a school, and I’m enjoying the techniques used by them to teach. I’m sure I made a great choice.
– Lara Araujo

Kateryna Panasiuk_1#WHYCSI – Я завжди мала бажання навчатись в США і покращити рівень моєї англійської мови та збільшити мій словниковий запас. І на диво, Я вирішила зібрати більше інформації і я була дуже здивована цінами, якістю і різноманітністю класів які були мені запропонувані. Я рекомендую саме цю школу для тих хто бажає взяти уроки англійської мови.

I always had a desire to study in the USA and improve my English and increase my vocabulary. And surprisingly, I decided to gather more information and I was very surprised by the price, quality and variety of classes that were proposed to me. I recommend this particular school for those who want to take lessons English language.

Kateryna Panasiuk

Samanda_2Samanda Hansan is a HCP Medical Assisting graduate of CSI, Samanda has obtained position at Sherman Hospital.


#WHYCSI – For me CSI has been a blessing in disguise. When I came here, I was a little doubtful, because I didn’t know what to expect. Coming here everyone was helpful and wanted you to succeed. That’s really encouraging to students who weren’t really sure of their abilities to do great. The staff here is at CSI brought out the best in all of us. Thank you for such a joyous experience.
– Samanda Hansan


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#WHYCSI – Congrats Michael, Jessica, & Destiny on becoming HCP Certified!
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