Thanks to CSI for the opportunity to rediscover and Update my knowledge with the Digital Marketing program. I hold a Public Relations degree from my country, and I have not practiced Advertising and Marketing for a long time. It brought me back to the field that I really like because of the creativity and artistry. Thanks to Jeanean Eldridge and Loretta Mielcarek for being good teachers!
-Ivelina Stoyanova

Thank you for your superior Student Services. I love the services given by Jada Bean. I appreciate my professors, Lisa Nelson, Jeanean Eldridge, Susann Kyriazopoulos and Antoine Lona. CSI is a great school for international students. CSI will prepare you for the right tools that you need. Thank you, CSI!!!
– Anatoly Buss

I have been at CSI for over 2 years. Overall, this school will meet satisfactory academic level. School’s teachers and staff are very friendly and professional. My last course instructor was Pamela Randle. She was my favorite teacher. She has a great personality and is very knowledgeable. Darian is a very responsive and dependable girl. Thanks so much for all of you, guys!
– Odon Byambadorj

CSI helped me to learn and build my future goal and made it happen. Also, CSI staff are always helping me without any delay for any email they received from me. In addition, CSI staff are so friendly and always very quick to respond. CSI staff are always solving any class issues quickly and professionally. I like CSI school and I will always recommend CSI to anyone who wants to build their knowledge in Business and Healthcare.
-Ibrahim Ahmed

In all the time I studied at school I never went to a CSI unit. My classes were exclusively online and contact with the staff was always by email or phone. Sometimes the service took a while, but they always responded and resolved my questions and needs.
-Pedro Antonio Simoes

The CSI staff plays a positive role in a student’s life without a doubt. Regarding students’ careers and status. In addition, this institute is playing a vital role in developing to become students’ responsible personalities.
-Aaqib Mirza

I would like to say that I am very grateful and honored for such an opportunity, and I promise to do my very best throughout the entire time I’ll be learning at CSI. I came to CSI after finishing ESL classes at Linchuachi school, and I was very nervous since it was going to be my first class that wasn’t language oriented. I told myself that I would do my best and hoped it would be enough. I was positively surprised by how welcoming everyone at CSI was and how they made me feel right at home. Whenever I encountered a problem, there was someone to help me instantly, and I will never be more grateful. I never felt judged about my English skills; everyone here made me feel safe. I feel appreciated in CSI; sometimes, people don’t realize how hard it is to leave everything you know and move to another country without much plan; even with better opportunities here, I had to leave my family and friends that I knew my entire life to start fresh here. You have to learn an entirely different language and culture, and make new friends. It can be very challenging mentally, and sometimes not everyone can see it. CSI has continuously shown how proud they are of us and of what we have achieved. For me, that means more than words can describe, and it brings a tear to my eye every time I hear it. I would like to thank my teacher, Robert Frejlich, who inspired me to be a better student and who, in each class, is able to make the lessons exciting and interesting. I wouldn’t be able to achieve all this if it wasn’t for him. He is a great teacher, mentor, and person. Another person that helped me greatly is Deborah Levine. She is always a great help with whatever I need, and I know I can always reach out to her with any problem I have. I am grateful for everyone in CSI, especially those two. I am glad that I am able to be called a CSI student, and I am glad that I met everyone here. It has been a great experience, and I wouldn’t have traded it for anything. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
-Kinga Jolanta Abramek

Amazing! Mr. Christmas and Lady Sukhrutai are very interested people, they work solution oriented. They can help their students with their problems quickly, I am very sad to leave this school because the Teachers and the school were really lucky for me.
-Huseyin Mirac Canpolat

During my 3-year period of study, CSI has provided very interesting programs and tools to improve my education. Thanks to the help of the staff and appropriate courses I was able to get my ss#. I recommend CSI to any international student who is seeking great opportunities!
-Jadwiga Holy

I really liked the school, so many teachers and people who work, principal Lili Zou and Vladislava at the school answered me promptly, whenever I sent an email or went directly to the office, my problems were always solved very quickly! That’s why I recommend it to several friends! I appreciate the time I had at this school, and I wish you all the best and Merry Christmas!
-Simone Barreto

I really want to appreciate everyone for helping me in my studies done at school, especially DSO Maka, one of the best DSO’s which I have ever met & Grisilda Rojba was a very cool teacher. I have learned many skills from her when I was in her class.
-Abdul Afan Mohammed

My experience at CSI has been absolutely amazing. The team, academics, admissions, and my instructor, especially Miss Dani Garabedian, are so cooperative and helpful. I have learnt many new lessons and had hands-on experience with all my classmates in the last two quarters. I would definitely recommend CSI to everyone..
-Iqra Hidayatulla

The learning experience at CSI is amazing & fun. We had an ice cream party today. It was great to meet new people. There are so many different people with different cultures, and it’s so much fun to learn about new things. We learned so many things about USA Culture we didn’t know about, but the instructor was very helpful and supportive. I am glad that I took the class in CSI.

It was a lovely experience studying at CSI as a student. Lovely Teaching and good knowledge of the subject. My marketing course as per my work profile. I have traveled from Pennsylvania just for this particular course, which is only available in CSI. Such a good experience and a good instructor Lisa ma’am.
-Prithi Naikar

CSI came to me as an amazing alternative when I was at the end of my OPT with my master’s program. I made amazing friends at CSI, with great staff and teachers. CSI has helped me gain practical knowledge while studying the course.
-Muzzamil Syed

CSI presents a flexible and friendly atmosphere for learning and networking.
-Henry Ugwu

I don’t have any complaints. I have always found the support of all staff.
-Deise Santos

Amazing, the most helpful!
-Pamela Bteich

I have been at CSI for over 5 years. All teacher I’ve met (Michelle, Timothy, Mehi) are all helpful and generous to students.
-Ngan Nguyen

It’s an excellent institute in computer systems.
-Hani Mansour

CSI school very good. Good books, didactic material, Ok.
-Antônio Cunha

I love everything about CSI. I did recommend some friends to join CSI.
-Thien Ly Pham

The staff was always helpful.
-Bhavisha Patel

Thank you for supporting me in all my matters. You’ve been and are wonderful.

I’m grateful to CSI for helping me to improve my skills and for all support during the time I studied there.
-Leidy Castelo

The CSI school was the best I have ever studied because they have a great service, they answer emails very quickly with all the information the student needs.
-Alan Dos Santos Silva

Excellent Teachers and Officers, especially the Academic Dean Alexander Cain and DSO Kawinarrat Rungruengthitikul.
-Linh Nguyen

Best school for career making.
-Junaid Mohammed

It was a great experience, everyone was very helpful and friendly.
-Huvaida Qadir

I’m so thankful for everything they have done for me! Maybe I will return again.
-Gyrlane Eller

CSI has met my expectations.
-Oscar Olmos

They are very helpful. Thank you!
-Suwanna Sakunee

Thank you for helping me throughout the program, I have learned a lot and the environment was great.
-Syed Amair

They are very professional, kind, and attentive.
-Mayk Rosa

Nice and friendly staff.
-Truong Ao

I have always been very well taken care of by the CSI team. I will always be making good recommendations. I just have to say thank you.
-Andre L Reque

I had a great time at CSI. Everyone was very supportive and helpful.
-Tanmay Patel

It was a great learning experience studying under professional and well qualified teachers at CSI.
-Omer Khadri Syed

Everyone is too good and supportive, I just love everyone. They are so attentive and resolve quires very quickly.

Good school for studying business programs.
-Suparat Poopuak

It’s a good school and a good price.
-Tathiany Silveira

Great programs and wonderful staff. I highly recommend CSI school to other students.
-Bernarda Zagula

I loved my stay at CSI. The learning environment was friendly and conducive. Teachers, staff and students alike made my years with CSI productive and worthwhile.
-Joyce Anne Dimaano

Thank you for the care and support that you provided.
-Zakia Halabi

Wonderful and helpful.
-Zeeshan Ahmed

CSI staff and teachers are really great, they help me out in all situations and give me a better education.
-Manish Raj

Very good Staff & Facility’s.
-Syed Ather Mohiuddin

CSI has the best staff, especially Mr. Emilio Abdella.
-Fnu Yaser Mahmood

CSI staff are very cooperative and very supportive of all students.

They are the best. I was very happy at school, and I continue to recommend CSI to anyone.
-Jose Antunes

It was great I’ve joined CSI. The staff and faculty were very helpful, I really appreciate that our school CSI faculty teachers everyone is excellent in the future I will recommend to other students to join CSI.
-Faisal Mohammed

I learnt a lot at CSI school.
-Kylvya Almeida

It’s a pleasure to be part of CSI.
Kashif Ullah Khan Mohammed

Great environment.
-Mohammed Abdul Baseer Qureshi

The staff was so helpful.
-Jyotsanaben prajapati

Training is always updated with the labor market, excellent support infrastructure, excellent teachers, and teaching material.

Thanks to each and every faculty member at CSI. It was a great learning experience at CSI. For sure I’ll refer my friends and family members to CSI for great learning experiences
-Murtuza Asrar Mehdi Syed

Everything was really good, and the staff were so supportive.
-Jyotsanaben prajapati

CSI exceeded my expectations.
-Jose Souto

We see different levels of teachers, which I consider very good. We feel comfortable with some teachers discussing different subjects and more serious with another who goes straight to the classes.
-Gustavo Borges

Very friendly and supportive.
-Pany Chanvongnaraz

Very supportive staff.
-Deshna Shah

Everything was really good. CSI helped me a lot to find my way. Thank you all!
-Kakhramon Mardonov

Thank you for everything you’ve taught us while I was here.
-Eun Cho

Very nice and quick response.
-Altaf Rahman

Thank you, guys, for helping my dream come true.
-Maycon Palota

I had a great experience!
-Leticia Lenharo Silva

The staff are friendly and working based on their promise.
-I Hsuan Fan

I thank everyone at CSI for everything.
-Graziano ribeiro

It was great to study at CSI and I thank everyone for all the support.
– Pankhuri Juvekar

In my opinion CSI is one of the best schools I have met.
– Carlos

All my teachers and staff members were amazing to me. I always had everything I needed. Thank you!
– Pamela Generoso

Great School, Great Program, I really wished there was a CPT Day 1 program for me.
– Omneya Mohamed

I have a great experience with CSI staff. Everyone that I talked to was very helpful.
– Samara Amorim Monteiro

Everyone always helped me! Thank you 🙏 a Great experience in my life!
– Sonia Cruz

5 years in CSI taught me a lot about school life and how to become successful in real life. I love this school.
– Supattra Kaewka

All are good and supportive.
– Pinkalben Chandreshkumar Sheth

It was a joy attending this institution.
– Lasonta Puckerin Callender

Everyone is great!
Asif Khan

Management has been very helpful throughout my time at CSI.
– Jabez Bhushan Gorumutchu

CSI staff has always been very helpful during my 5-yers stay as a student and part of this school. The teachers are also very nice, and I will definitely miss CSI. Thank you!
– Champa Joshi

Helpful, supportive, informative and considerate.
– Bernardo Padios

Helpful, supportive, informative and considerate.
– Bernardo Padios

Thank you for everything!
– Altantulga Ayurzana

The best college ever!!!
– Orest Kovorotnyy

I highly recommend the staff. It was great, especially José Bernardes who helped me greatly. I appreciate all that CSI has done for me.
– Luciene Coutinho

Thank you so much to all the staff!!!
– Soo Kyung Kim

Supportive & it was great learning experience at CSI.
– Mohammed Akheel

Thanks to all the staff and teachers here and their help.
– Qian Sun

Will miss the Chicago campus CSI and everything about the institute. I had a very good experience while I was studying, also good staff, for sure.
– Pooja Prajapati

Everyone was so helpful and nice to me.
– Zixuan Zhou

I like how SCI cares about students. They always make students happy.
– Thuong

They are great!!! Friendly and very professional at the same time.
– Tamires Cacheto

Very helpful staff and nice people.
– Muslimjon Khudoberdiev

My teacher Simon was amazing!
– Angelique

Thank you for your help and support, Jack and Sheryl are the best teachers I’ve ever met. Dean and Thoma helped me a lot. Actually, everybody there is nice.
– Marisada Tabtimsi

I really liked studying here. Teachers and staff were always helpful.
– Md Tasrif Rezwan

The best school in Boston, thank you very much, CSI.
– Vinicius Nascimento

Feel thankful for my time at CSI.
– Sanchez Zarate

Excellent staff!
– Shareef Mohammed

Either in the class or in the office, it always felt like everything was about students and helping them. Namely, all of my questions and concerns were treated seriously and answered as soon as possible.
– Magdalena Boufal

Helpful, friendly, and reliable.
– Juncheng Yao

CSI has good teachers, and good staff, everyone tried to help us with everything!!!
– Marcos Brito

Since I transferred from Solex college to CSI. I did fall in love with CSI. Teachers are so kind and professional. And authorities are good services.
– Sarawoot Srichaichana

CSI staff are supportive and prompt in responding to queries.
– Daniyal Khan

I love this school, your employees are very good. I loved the course. Thank you.
– Ludmila Barros

It was a pleasure to study in CSI. Thank you all for your help.
– Sana Amine

I really enjoyed my time being a student in CSI and the staff and my teacher Miss Veneta Nacheva is so helpful, and I thank them wholeheartedly.
– Qamar Unnisa

All staff. They’re so nice.
– Wirawan Phumiphatsakun

All CSI staff are helpful and always friendly.
– Nithi Sangthong

Thank you to all of you guys, I will remember you all my life and please be helpful to the students, they deserve to be in CSI only.
– Tawfiq Dabit

– Tawfiq DabitI had a very good experience during my enrollment, Nina was very passionate, patience and professional. She answered all my queries and provided me a very smooth admission process.

– Mazhar Ali

I would write my experience in classes but it wouldn’t be good because our classes were online, and we didn’t have the chance to socialize with our classmates. It’s not because CSI is not good, it’s because the Covid19 pandemic required classes to be online. It’s true that classes being online has advantages but we can’t ignore the fact that it also has disadvantages.
The instructor, the dean, the staff were super friendly and helpful. We learn lots of information in classes like Microsoft Word and Excel that we will use in real life. Even though I was already using Word and Excel, I realized I didn’t know how to use them to their full potential.
– Ali Jafarov

I loved my stay at CSI. Learning environment was friendly and conducive. Teachers, staff and students alike made my years with CSI productive and worthwhile.
– Joyce Anne Dimaano

I did my research, I knew that companies searching for IT professionals were looking for CERTIFICATIONS and job experience — not two or four year degrees, CSI fit the bill. Today I am a systems administrator for IBM and have my own office. I wouldn’t be here without CSI.

– Shawn G.

I am so happy that I had the chance to go to CSI. Met wonderful people, was taught by the best teachers. A great experience overall. I will miss CSI. I would recommend it to anyone.It’s affordable and it has very useful programs. Thanks again for the opportunity. Good luck to everyone.

– Nicoleta Ionela Brinza

I have had a great time studying here. The faculty staff Nick and Joe were really helpful with the coursework and classes. It was a nice learning environment with great people.
– Mouna Kanukula

My whole life changed after I made the decision [to enroll at CSI]. They helped me out in a way I never knew people were still able to help.

– Kenya E.

I had a great time studying in CSI. The courses are really helpful for career building. I had a great support from Thoma, he is amazing! Always so nice to Students and answer ever questions I had. I had several great teachers, Mel, Peter, they are so knowledgeable and sincere. I will definitely refer CSI to my friends!

– Hongxia Hou

I really appreciate the efforts made by the commute members of the college regarding the extracurricular activities. It helped me faced my stage fear and over come and in enhancing my skills.

The lecturers are professional and every friendly and they make sure that we not only attend the class but whether we understood the subject or not and they make sure that we understand and learn how to deal with the subject in regards to implement it in the real life situation.
– Riazuddin Mohammed

I am so happy that I had the chance to go to CSI. Met wonderful people, was taught by the best teachers. A great experience overall. I will miss CSI. I would recommend it to anyone. It’s affordable and it has very useful programs. Thanks again for the opportunity.
– Nicoleta Ionela Brinza

“I have been a student at CSI for a year and a half. I would like to express my thanks for my program manager. She started teaching me in tutorial class this month (June, 2018). She also taught me in tutorial class last year. Because of her work, I scored well on the English test which allowed me to switch my program from ESL to SBA. Now, I am preparing to take the TOFEL exam and again I am receiving her help. Thank you CSI for having her on your team. She is very qualified and she has excellent skills. She easily identifies my weakness in the English Language and most importantly she knows the best method to help develop my English and to correct my mistakes . She also knows how to maximize our time in tutorial class to create the best way for me to learn. She is very organized and very fast at making lesson plans.”

– Daiane Da Silva

“I chose CSI because most of my friends suggested this school for me. CSI is a school where you can find new friends and learn something new. And it’s also affordable, which is really important for international students.”
– Cornelius Oluwaseun Amondi

“Before I came to CSI I was a student at a language school. 6 months ago I decided to transfer to CSI because I heard from my friends that CSI offers program where you can study and have CPT. While studying at CSI, I made a decision that I want to do my Master’s in America. I spoke with few universities here, and I was told by an admission representative there that they can count some credits from CSI, which is really good for me.”
– Dhirajkumar Ramshankar Kushwaha

“CSI has great opportunities… We learned a lot of practical, real-world material. “
– Azzeddine Ahroud

“Lots of positive and intercultural competencies from many cultures and quality of teaching instructors. I learned so much.”
– Ayodeji Ajibola

“CSI is a great place to study and learn new abilities. The instructor is nice and always patient.”
– Aline Sá Cardozo

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