• Computer Systems Institute partners with Westin Lombard Yorktown Center to provide a student with real-life work experience
• Marek Micek, originally from Czech Republic uses his English as a Second Language (ESL) and Hospitality Industry Professional training from CSI to thrive in his Front Desk role
• Michael Feigenbaum, general manager at the Westin Lombard said, “It is hard to find interns with the quality of skills that Marek has.”

Computer Systems Institute (CSI) today announced that one of its students has been hailed as one of the best interns that Westin Lombard, Yorktown has employed.

The student, Marek Micek, originally from the Czech Republic, is three months into his internship as Front Desk representative at Westin Lombard, Yorktown Center, Illinois.

The internship was part of an agreement between CSI and Westin Lombard that allows students to earn academic credit while providing them the competitive advantage of taking abstract theories, concepts, and case studies learned in the classroom and apply them to real life work situations.

Michael Feigenbaum, general manager at the Westin Lombard said, “We have worked with several interns over the years, but not all students are able to communicate as well as Marek does. His training at CSI in English language and hospitality has proved to be the ideal fit for what we look for in a person. Clearly it is important for our front desk staff to be very personable with excellent language skills; Marek demonstrates an exceptional level of English language development.”

Marek Micek added, “Three years ago I didn’t speak a word of English. I found CSI through Google and was immediately impressed with its reviews and the courses it offers. The school has a friendly environment with great teachers who get all the students involved in their learning. In addition to this, my internship at Westin Lombard perfectly complements my CSI training in English and hospitality; I am learning more every day. I talk to people when they arrive, check them in and out, answer calls, advise them of our hospitality programs and generally make them feel welcome. Westin Lombard is a great company to work for, with high customer service standards; it offers me the ideal career opportunity.”

Julia Lowder, CEO of Computer Systems Institute said, “We recognise the value of high quality internships aligned to our student’s area of study. Westin Lombard is an exceptional example of where the right organization can help our students to learn while potentially training up future employees. We are proud of Marek Micek and the success of his internship.”