The leisure and hospitality industry has been a mainstay of the post-recession economy, creating jobs and opportunities for thousands of Americans. The industry looks to be a strong performer for the long-term future, as the Millennial generation eschews the fancy houses and cars valued by their parents for travel and adventure.

The growing demand for hospitality industry workers will create many opportunities for trained leisure and hospitality professionals ready to meet the needs of travelers and hotel guests. There are more career paths available in hospitality than you might think, as the industry needs workers with skills such as accounting, marketing, cooking, customer service and more. Workers with some of these skills can command high wages, so, if you’re interested in the industry, earning career certifications can help further your career.

Another great thing about the industry is that it can provide maximum flexibility to workers. The hospitality industry has facilities in just about every location in the world, whether it’s in casinos, hotels, cruise ships, theme parks etc. Skilled workers with professional training and credentials can find work just about anywhere they choose to live.

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