Healthcare Career Program

How to Break into the Healthcare Industry in 12 Months with No Prior Experience

Healthcare is an admirable, rewarding profession. That’s why it should come as no surprise that it’s “the fastest-growing sector of the U.S. economy, employing over 18 million workers,” according to the [...]

2022-03-16T11:21:15-05:00March 25, 2021|Healthcare Career Program|

Why International Students Should Study Billing and Coding

There's no better field for international students looking for a stable and profitable career than billing and coding. The field of health information technology is growing steadily, and experts predict that's [...]

2022-06-30T16:09:49-05:00July 30, 2018|Healthcare Career Program|

The Future Looks Bright for Medical Billing and Coding Professionals

Are you considering a career in medical billing and coding? This industry offers a unique opportunity because, while careers in medical billing and coding do not require a specific degree, people [...]

2022-03-17T09:43:08-05:00July 20, 2018|Healthcare Career Program|
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