Phlebotomists work in a wide range of healthcare settings. With this medical profession projected to grow quickly, many are gravitating toward this field where there is good job security, salaries, and job satisfaction. There are opportunities for advancement as well. To work in a setting such as a hospital, clinic, or laboratory, specialized training is required. Fortunately, there are many healthcare training programs available in the field.

Computer Systems Institute offers Healthcare Career Program, which covers many aspects of working in a clinical setting. Our program is foundational, allowing students to progress into various areas of study, including phlebotomy/venipuncture, but also pharmacology, electrocardiography, and Electronic Health Records.


Our program covers 40 academic weeks of instruction. By completing the Healthcare Career Program, students are prepared to take Certified ECG Technician exams. They can also pursue Certified Clinical Medical Assistant and Certified Medical Administrative Assistant Certification issued by the National Healthcareer Association, or NHA. Those who become certified benefit from international recognition and the fact they’ve demonstrated the credentials and academic qualifications needed to succeed in the field.

At CSI, a Blended Learning Methodology is used. Phlebotomy training doesn’t only involve classroom lectures, but also designated laboratory hours, in which students receive hands-on training in many areas. That is just what CSI offers so students are prepared to further their careers.

Learning in Real World Setting

Learning about venipuncture, vascular anatomy and physiology, safety, and skin puncture techniques requires practice in a real-world setting where healthcare certifications are crucial. Phlebotomy courses include comprehensive studies of:

  • The anatomy and physiology of the circulatory, lymphatic, respiratory, muscular, and skeletal systems.
  • Composition of the blood and body cells, and how infection and disease affect them.
  • Procedures for blood sampling in newborns, children, adults, and elderly patients.
  • How to safely handle laboratory equipment, clean up spills, and prevent injury and infection.

Like other healthcare career programs, phlebotomy courses cover CPR. Having CPR certification is a must for those in the field, as one must be prepared for any surprises that may happen on the job.

Between classroom instruction and practice in laboratories and medical settings, students learn what they need to be skilled and competent upon completing the program. Our courses are held at commuter-friendly locations within driving distance of downtown Chicago and Boston. In addition, we’ve been helping students launch their careers for over 28 years, so you can depend on our competence and reputation when considering the best “phlebotomy career training near me” or any other business or skill programs we offer.

Enroll in CSI Healthcare Training Programs Today

We offer a stimulating learning environment focused on developing your career. Our academic opportunities are high quality and focused on what you need to succeed in the workplace while being affordable at the same time. For more information about our opportunities in phlebotomy, computers, and other high-demand fields, speak with our admissions representatives at 1-847-967-5030.