ESL Programs Help Students Improve English Writing Proficiency

ESL programs and courses are designed to help students improve their English reading, comprehension, and conversation skills as well as improve their writing ability. These are important for integration into society and improving one’s job prospects. Combining classroom lectures, discussions, laboratory studies, and project-based learning, our various ESL options aim to prepare non-native English speakers to enter the professional workforce.

Writing is an essential skill in any workplace and is even more crucial in today’s technological world. Computer-based materials are used to refine our students’ skills and help them reach their goals.

English Writing Training

Students work with our teachers and in groups to analyze their writing. This strategy helps identify and correct errors at important steps in the learning process. Students and their peers also learn to analyze their work to improve accuracy and proficiency.

During this time, the skills needed to write logically are focused on. Writing training concentrates on a person’s ability to plan what they want to say and practice the process of putting their thoughts into words, while learning to compare and create cohesive argumentative responses to other writings.

English Writing Skills

Our English language training focuses on the skills needed for students to become proficient English language writers. The program covers:

  • Vocabulary
  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Sentence construction
  • Paragraph structure
  • Different writing structures
  • Formal vs. informal writing

Students learn and practice putting sentences together and connecting words and ideas. Through intensive studies, they can learn the difference between using “but” or “because” and hone the styles needed to write stories, essays, letters, reports, and emails. Various topics will be introduced so learners practice writing on topic and being clear and concise about relevant facts and statements.

Academic Career Training

Basic and advanced writing skills are essential for getting a job and advancing your career. CSI teaches the types of writing most appropriate in a business setting. We help students understand the impacts writing skills have on creating a resume, building credibility, and office responsibilities such as writing clear, accurate reports, answers to questions, and other materials. Even outside the office, writing helps with networking on the Web and in developing a person’s individual portfolio of samples.

English writing fluency, developed through studying vocabulary, reading texts, and discussing topics in class, is important for communication. Such is true in just about any profession. Whether you pursue a career as a journalist, public relations professional, teacher, or paralegal, you must have proficient writing skills. Letters, emails, and even texts and Tweets are common in the workplace. Even if you aren’t tasked with writing the company newsletter, writing skills make all the difference in how you present yourself.

Boost Your Proficiency with CSI’s ESL Programs and Courses

English writing training helps our students from a professional, cultural, and social perspective. You can learn much more about our programs by contacting us via Web form to request information, calling an admissions representative at 1-847-967-5030, or contacting one of our on-site locations.