What is your dream? Whether it is heart-breaking or heart-warming, everyone has
a story to tell. Storytelling is an ancient art form and Rattapol Thania aspires to master the art of transforming your ideas, your dreams, and your personal stories into 21st century social media videos. His goal is to capture who we are in compelling images.

Rattapol’s own dream of utilizing visual images to tell a great story began in HatYai, Songkhla when he was a young boy. Growing up in this bustling city at the far southern tip of Thailand, Rattapol became determined to make his movie creation dream a reality.

Rattapol traveled from his home in HatYai to the ornate, shrine-filled capital of Bangkok, to take the first step in accomplishing his goal. In Bangkok, he excelled at Thammasat University, where he received a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication with an emphasis in film.

After graduation, he landed a job as an assistant film director with Wonderland Films where he assisted with the production of the award-winning short film, Prison Rat (“????????”). Prison Rat is a story about a former prisoner who turned her life around after her release from prison by becoming a singer musician. Through her music, she chronicles her journey from life as a convicted criminal to an inspirational performer. The Ministry of Justice released this video publicly as an uplifting message of hope intended to show prisoners and former inmates that it is possible to turn your life around.

Inspired by his experiences at Wonderland Films, Rattapol moved to Chicago to continue growing as a storyteller. Rattapol feels that Computer Systems Institute (CSI) has provided him with a place to expand his knowledge of the global community. He believes learning at CSI is like traveling on a commercial flight. The passengers’ luggage all come in unique sizes, harboring individualized knowledge, cultures, and personalities. The exceptional faculty at CSI encourages their students to share among one another so no matter how small their suitcase is, the treasure inside will be meaningful to others. Additionally, CSI acts as the pilot who guides each valuable passenger toward their ultimate destination. For Rattapol, this means continuing his journey to reveal those untold stories waiting to be found.