Academic ESL Program Admissions


The Academic ESL Programs allow advanced-level ESL students to take advanced level courses to prepare to enter US colleges and universities. There are three main programs within Academic ESL, each following a different subject: General Writing, Literature, and General Communication. Each program lasts 3 Quarters (33 weeks) and will feature English training and critical thinking skills. Programs can be taken in any order if students desire to take more than one. Start dates for Academic ESL occur throughout the year (see below).

Academic ESL is available from the Computer Systems Institute  campuses at Charlestown, Chicago, Skokie, and Lombard. These campuses create a language immersion environment for students so that they are encouraged and often forced to use English both in and out of the classroom. This helps students learn English much faster and more authentically than they would otherwise. Also, while students learn the language skills they will need in US college classrooms, they will also become familiar with other aspects of American life through their immersion experiences.

The Academic ESL Programs meet the requirements for an F-1 Student Visa, so international ESL students may apply to attend Computer Systems Institute programs. For more information about the F-1 Visa application or changing visa status in the US, see the links below.

For more information about the Academic ESL Programs and how they can help you prepare for college, see the program page or fill out the form to the right.


Before students register for courses in Academic ESL at Computer Systems Institute, they must take an English evaluation test. The ACCUPLACER ESL is a set of computer-adaptive, untimed tests that enables to test students quickly and efficiently across a wide range of abilities.

Placement Scores

  • Students must score 81-115 to be admitted into Academic ESL

Additional Requirements

Transferring In

Applying from Abroad

Change of Status to F-1 Student Visa

Academic ESL Program Start Dates

Start dates for the Academic ESL Programs take place on a rolling basis throughout the year. For exact dates, check the academic calendar.

  • Fall Start – September
  • Winter Start – January
  • Spring Start – April