Welcome to the launch of Computer Systems Institute’s (CSI) Deans’ Blog, an initiative that will give you the inside scoop on programs, student success tips, campus happenings, and more! Every month one of our academic deans will discuss a topic or issue that is important to YOU.

“Academic Dean” Defined

Not familiar with what an academic dean is? We’ve got you. Academic deans are campus leaders who have a hand in a little bit of everything when it comes to the student and faculty experience. They:

• Work with students to ensure they thrive both in the classroom and when they enter the workforce.
• Assist students in securing extra help, including tutoring, when they fall behind in class.
• Review student externship applications to make sure potential jobs meet course curriculum requirements.
• Offer career and academic advice.
• Resolve any disputes, concerns, or issues between students and faculty.
• Act as cheerleaders, mentors, and guides.
• Partner with instructors to provide the most engaging, professional courses possible that address the needs of modern employers.

In short, CSI’s academic deans are here to make sure you have what you need to succeed.

Daniel Craig

Say hello to the academic dean of CSI’s Skokie campus!

Education: Dan attended the University of Iowa (GO HAWKEYES!!) where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in English. After a stint in the culinary arts and a year spent teaching English in South Korea, Dan returned to the U.S. and started working toward his Master’s Degree in the Division of English as an International Language (DEIL) at the University of Illinois. He has also obtained a Master’s of Science in Instructional Systems Technology (IST) at Indiana University.

Professional Experience: Dan is no stranger to the international experience. After earning his masters’ degrees, he spent 14 years teaching at Seoul National University Hospital and Sangmyung University in South Korea.

Hobbies: Dan – or should we say – Chef Dan, is a passionate cook.

What Dan says: “I love teaching. I really enjoy being in a classroom and getting to know students. The most difficult aspect of the last year has been not being able to really connect with students at CSI. While I don’t teach in my role as an academic dean, I am able to visit classes and get to know students much better on campus than I can online. I look forward to getting back to campus.”

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