What makes a great teacher?

A. Real-world experience
B. The ability to connect with students
C. A commitment to personalizing lesson plans
D. All of the above

If you said D, you would be correct! While any one of these skills is valuable in the classroom, only the best instructors – like Computer Systems Institute’s (CSI) Thomas Lew – can do it all.

Meet Thomas Lew

Lew teaches two of CSI’ Business Career Program concentrations: Business Fundamentals and Digital Multimedia. Among his students, Lew is known for going above and beyond in creating an unmatched experience. He does this by:

Leveraging over 35 Years of Experience

Lew is no stranger to the business world. Throughout his career, he has held a variety of leadership positions, including:

  • Consultant/General Manager Technology Initiatives, Bindable.com
  • Senior Director of Information technology at Gallagher Student Health and Special Risk
  • CIO/Vice President of Marketing of Trans National Group/TNT Vacations
  • Vice President of Operations at Neurometrix
  • Senior Vice President of Operations at Trans National Communications
  • Director of Information Systems at MidCom Communications

This vast experience allows Lew to augment his lessons with real-world examples from his career.

Lew says, “I have had the opportunity to see a lot while working with startups, leading operations, and creating robust marketing programs. I don’t pretend to know it all, but I can speak on a lot of the topics my students are interested in, and I always work to personalize my lessons to my students’ interests.”

Bringing Industry Professionals into the Classroom

In addition to having an in-depth understanding of a wide variety of business topics, Lew is connected to an impressive network of professionals eager to share their knowledge with the next generation. Since starting at CSI in 2020, Lew has introduced his students to:

  • An HR director in academics who discussed personal branding
  • A franchisee who dished on the ins and outs of acquiring and owning a franchise
  • A food photographer to cap off a unit on menu design

Building Personal Relationships

For Lew, teaching is more than a nine to five job. He is committed to doing everything he can to help his students. One way he does this is by combining his passion for teaching with his commitment to giving back.

For 15 years Lew has volunteered at My Brother’s Table, a soup kitchen committed to providing hospitality, meals, and unconditional love to the Boston community. Lew serves as a chef on weekends, imagining and preparing meals using donated foods. He often invites his students to join him.

“Many of our international students are far from home and don’t know anyone in the America. If they want to meet new people, I encourage them to spend an afternoon with me volunteering,” says Lew. “It is a great way to help them feel more connected and build personal relationships. “

Sharing his Thirst for Knowledge

Lew is a huge advocate of continuous learning. He received his bachelor’s degree in computer science and his master’s degree in business/entrepreneurial finance.

He says, “There’s a story that sharks must swim constantly or they will drown. Intellect and creativity can’t stay still either. You feed them with further education, travel, communication with interesting people, and challenging work. I always encourage my students to pursue more knowledge and experiences.”

An Unmatched Education is Just a Call or Email Away

When you enroll at CSI, you will learn from instructors who not only have extensive professional experience, but who are invested in your success, just like Lew. If you’re ready to jumpstart your future, contact us at 1-888-910-5060 or admissions@csinow.edu.