Alex Iakovlev Uses His Digital Multimedia Expertise to Improve the Student Experience

At Computer Systems Institute (CSI) you will find a team of experienced instructors who use their expertise and time not only to propel students toward their academic and professional goals, but also to give back. Take Alex Iakovlev, Business Career Program – Digital Multimedia Concentration instructor, for example.

With experience ranging from editing videos for Broadway producers and performers to building websites, Iakovlev has cemented his place as a leader in the digital multimedia space. In addition to teaching at CSI, Iakovlev is working on an Affordable Materials Grant for innovation in education in the online environment.

Along with a team of other education professionals and two students, he is tasked with creating online tools for Georgia students taking physics classes to help them be successful with their lab work and assignments. Iakovlev’s work on the project includes creating interactive websites written in JavaScript to support student understanding of the material. These interactive websites will include simulations of physical processes and events, as well as online tools for statistical analysis of the measurements completed by students.

Iakovlev’s desire to participate in this project is fueled by his commitment to supporting students. He says, “I have extensive experience creating supplemental materials and instruction manuals for students in higher education. This work is supporting students and bringing them knowledge, which is of the highest importance to me.”

Iakovlev’s participation in the Affordable Materials Grant is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his contributions to higher education. He has also developed an online tool to measure the speed of the rotation of the sun based on images taken from the SOHO satellite. This tool has already been tested in astronomy classes at a university in Georgia and has shown very positive results in regards to the student experience. As Iakovlev says, “This is only one tool – more to go!”

Transforming the Learning Environment at CSI

At CSI, Iakovlev is known for prioritizing student engagement and participation in the learning process. “As I teach, I also try to focus on the interests of my students and shape the topics to meet those interests. This allows them to apply their classroom knowledge to their lives,” says Iakovlev.

Iakovlev feels drawn to teaching because it gives him an opportunity to pass his experience on to others. He says, “Teaching is the best way to share knowledge. I like introducing students to new tools and marketing approaches that not only make their everyday tasks easier, but also boost their qualifications.”

According to Iakovlev, CSI’s Digital Multimedia Concentration is very valuable because it focuses on the following concepts, which can be applied to almost any field of work:

  • Graphic design
  • Webpage design
  • Image processing
  • Web content creation
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media optimization

In addition to teaching these topics, Iakovlev has a hand in developing CSI’s curriculum – a major advantage for current and prospective students looking for a program created by experts and taught by experts. He uses his industry expertise to make current trends and topics more accessible.

Learn More!

A talented and beloved teacher, Iakovlev is in good company at CSI. Our team is comprised of instructors with a passion for helping students meet and exceed their potential. If you are looking to enter a new industry or level up in your career, reach out to CSI today at 1-888-910-5060 or In addition to our Digital Multimedia Concentration, we offer a variety of business, healthcare, and technology programs.