Is it possible for a single Google search to change your life? For one of the CSI students, it certainly has!

CSI student was enjoying life as an international resident in the Chicago area—but when her previous Optional Practical Training program expired, she began to look for new opportunities to further her professional education and career.

Describing the beginning of her search, she shared that her OPT had expired, but she wanted to continue pursuing her career.

What was the work she loved so much? Customer service! CSI student developed a passion for the customer service industry and knew it was the right career path for her. However, she needed a place that not only would help her find opportunities for gaining practical experience but also would help her develop the critical long-term skills she needed to succeed in the world of business and customer service.

Enter in the Google search! By simply searching for schools and opportunities that offered CPT, and business programs and were aimed at international students like herself, one place easily stood out among the rest: Computer Systems Institute. CSI’s programs certainly impressed her, but those alone weren’t what sealed the deal in her heart.

“I was impressed by the low program costs and positive testimonials from former students,” CSI student remarked.

Immediately upon starting the Business Career Program with a concentration in Business Fundamentals, she could already see a world of difference thanks to how practical the courses were to real-world business situations. This is especially true as she simultaneously worked in her field of interest while taking classes, which kept her studies relevant to her career path.

“I liked being able to apply things I learned in class, like the customer service process, to my work.”

Gaining practical experience under CPT while also being a CSI student has also been incredibly convenient for her. Thanks to remote class options, she can easily work around her class schedule—and if she ever needs to come to campus, the downtown Chicago location is convenient for her to get to.

She summed up her positive experiences with CSI, stating,

“I would say the biggest benefits of joining CSI for me have been having peace of mind in my career, having no student debt, and being able to take remote classes.”

The practicality and lack of difficulty in CSI’s courses, along with the affordability of the program, have given her confidence for her future. These are the same reasons she profusely recommends anyone like her join CSI!

So, where will her passion lead her after CSI? Her first step is to graduate in March after completing her CPT. From there, her goal is to become a customer success manager in the fitness and health industry.

Thinking back on her journey so far, CSI student concluded,

“Before, I was only working full-time under OPT. Now, I’m able to gain practical experience and take classes as well, and I’m happy to be learning so much that I can apply to my career while doing so.”

Get the real-world experience you need to further your career like her with the help of CSI! Reach out to the CSI admissions team today by calling 1-847-697-5030 or visiting to learn more.