CS Foundation Program Admissions


The CS Foundation program is currently being offered at the Chicago and Skokie campuses. The CS Foundation program is not English language programs. International students must have advanced English language proficiency to take them.

Learn more about CS Foundation courses, tuition, and the F-1 student visa process by contacting an international admissions representative or filling out the form to the right.

CS Foundation Entrance Exam

Before students register for the CS Foundation programs, they must complete an entrance exam covering math and English. Students must pass the exam with an average score of 50 or higher to be eligible to enroll.

Other Requirements

  • Must be compulsory school age
  • Must have a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Have at least 22 academic weeks of schooling in the United States

Transferring In

Applying from Abroad

Change of Status to F-1 Student Visa