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Exploring Massachusetts as an International Student: Interesting Places to See

International students in Massachusetts have a unique and extraordinary opportunity to explore America's rich history, culture, and beauty firsthand, all in one place. Here are some examples of interesting places you [...]

2022-02-14T11:12:22-06:00October 13, 2021|Blog|

Exploring Illinois as an International Student: Interesting Places to See

Known for its world-class city of Chicago, the entire state of Illinois offers international students a way to steep themselves in the culture and history of America beyond the classroom.  Chicago  [...]

2022-02-14T11:15:23-06:00October 6, 2021|Blog|

Top 10 Conversation-Starting Questions Every International Student Should Know

When international students come together as a class for the first time, it can be a pretty daunting and challenging experience. It's only natural to wonder about how to connect with [...]

2022-02-15T13:09:28-06:00September 22, 2021|Blog|

How International Students Can Prepare for Job Interviews After They Graduate

Making the transition from tertiary education into the world of work can be pretty daunting for a variety of reasons.  But one of the biggest challenges is trying to find that first job [...]

2022-02-16T07:10:49-06:00September 22, 2021|Blog|

How International Students can Prepare for Interviews for Internships/Externships

Internships and externships can give students a significant advantage over their peers upon entering the workforce. For international students, this can be a valuable asset.  How you conduct yourself in the interview is key to acceptance over [...]

2022-02-17T12:01:49-06:00September 14, 2021|Blog|
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