It’s no secret that the best teachers are life-long learners. Case in point: Computer Systems Institute’s (CSI) Customer Service Specialist Program instructor Mitsi Hearn.

Hearn has taken this philosophy to heart throughout her life, earning degrees and certifications that extend her knowledge and career potential alike. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Indiana University and a Master of Business Administration degree from Indiana Wesleyan University.

Hearn is a huge proponent of continuous learning. She says, “Education has the ability to make you a better person and employee. I believe that things change every day and you are never too old to learn.” 

Most recently, she earned a sought-after industry certification. According to Hearn, “I have been a Certified Professional Biller (CPB) through AAPC since 2013. After passing my CPB-I Exam in January 2021, I am now certified as a CPB-I AAPC Approved Instructor.” With this certification under her belt, Hearn can teach the AAPC curriculum and help students pass their certification exams. For Hearn, it all comes down to gaining and sharing knowledge.

Real-World Customer Service Experience

Hearn’s professional experience is diverse, making her an ideal instructor for our Customer Service Specialist Program. She served as a field trainer at Aetna for 10 years, followed by a 16-year stint as a litigation coordinator at Chicago Transit Authority. She has taught at a variety of regional colleges and has dabbled in freelance reporting. She even owns her own medical billing business.

Hearn first considered starting an independent billing company in 1996, but tucked the idea away until a personal experience reignited her desire to help others navigate the medical billing space. In 2003, Hearn’s mother fell ill and spent a year in hospitals. When her brother started asking questions about how to manage the incoming bills, Hearn was able to leverage her insurance expertise from Aetna and general knowledge to take the reins. In 2009, MSH Medical Billing Remedies, LLC was born.

Owning her own business has provided Hearn with an in-depth understanding of key customer service principals that she passes on to her students, such as using communication, rapport-building, and problem-solving techniques that result in high-quality interactions.

Investing in the Next Generation

With a successful business under her belt, why teach? For Hearn the answer is simple: “I want to give back.” With this philosophy top-of-mind, Hearn started working at CSI’s Lombard Campus in May 2019.

Hearn values the diverse perspectives our students bring to the classroom. She says, “I really enjoy working with the international students at CSI. I am African American and have always liked meeting people from all backgrounds. Our students are so smart and respectful, and have worked so hard to pursue their studies in the United States. If I can do anything to make their experience easier, I will do it.”

Learn from CSI’s Exceptional Instructors  

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