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Business Career Program

Get the Skills to Become a Business Professional

Business Career Program - Total Immersion into American Business Environment

The Business Career Program introduces students to business concepts that will prepare them for a wide variety of careers. CSI offers concentrations in Business Fundamentals, Digital Multimedia, Marketing, Business Finance, Hospitality Leadership, and Organization Administration.

Business Fundamentals Concentration

The Business Fundamentals Concentration offers students immersion in material that is substantive, thought-provoking, and comprehensive regarding the development and operation of a business. This program places a strong emphasis on business fundamentals including finance, budgeting, strategic planning, sales and marketing, ethics, online commerce, and information technology resources. Students will also gain knowledge in the areas of professional development and customer service.

Digital Multimedia Concentration

The Digital Multimedia Concentration places a strong emphasis on graphic design, webpage design, cascading style sheets (CSS), image processing, web content creation, search engine optimization (SEO) and social media optimization (SMO). By focusing on digital multimedia, students will learn the hands-on skills required to build and promote websites. Additionally, students will acquire the business skills necessary to grow and promote products and services effectively on and off line.

Marketing Concentration

The Marketing Concentration allows students to grow their marketing acumen and gain knowledge to improve organizational brand effectiveness. Students will become familiar with marketing operations, content development, social media tools, practices and metrics, and evaluate how they are used to create effective sales and marketing campaigns. Additionally, students will learn how to foster product and service innovation, and master presentation and storytelling techniques.

Business Finance Concentration

The Business Finance Concentration allows students to understand widely used financial concepts and accounting principles. Students will be able to interpret financial statements to facilitate effective decision making, they will learn how to perform budgeting and forecasting to increase profitability and gain a global perspective on financial markets and multinational organization operations.

Hospitality Leadership Concentration

The Hospitality Leadership Concentration Program prepares students for a career in hospitality management that focuses on different segments of the industry, which include hotels, restaurants, gaming, and event planning. Students will also have the opportunity to develop industry specific leadership and strategic management skills. They will be exposed to approaches in effective staff training and development which is critical for the quality of guest experience.

Organizational Administration Concentration

The Organizational Administration Concentration responds to the need for professionals of administrative support with knowledge in the operation of electronic systems, techniques, procedures, and skills required to impact the organization for growth and development. It prepares students to gain the experience with office systems, oral and written communication, analysis and coordination of office tasks, procedures and management skills designed for the office environment. Students will hone skills in areas of office management, finance, legal, virtual office, customer service and office software.

Program Length

44 weeks (40 academic weeks + 4 administrative weeks)

Optional Practical Training (OPT) for International Students

After completion of the Business Career Program, eligible international students can apply for up to 12 months OPT work authorization to gain practical experience in their field of study.

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