Business Career Program

Total Immersion into American Business Environment

Business Career Program - Total Immersion into American Business Environment

The Business Career Program is based on the concept of total immersion and integration of the international student into the American business environment. This program provides students with the technical skills and knowledge necessary to work in a global business environment, including an introduction to business management concepts, computerized accounting applications, and Microsoft applications. The Business Career program will also provide students with the crucial communication skills necessary in an American business environment. Students will grow their business terminology and learn concepts in social interactions, customer service, negotiations, meetings, telephone conversations, and presentations. 

The Business Career Program provides academic skills, hands-on training and practical experience to pursue a successful career in business as well as the opportunity further education. This program will help you to develop and refine professional skills in key business concepts, including:

Customer Service – The essentials of customer service and strategies for handling customers in everyday situations.

Computerized Accounting – Introducing principles of the accounting cycle by using QuickBooks software.

Small Business Management – Making ethical decisions, social responsibility, forms of business ownership, entrepreneurship, human resources, competing in a global marketplace, operations, distributing and promoting products and services.

Sales & Marketing – Exposing to specific sales skills used by top sales professionals; focusing on sales strategy and answer essential questions, including different ways to sell, essential tasks of selling, understanding the customer’s buying cycle and how to develop an effective sales strategy.

Financial Services – Meeting and maintaining financial goals, money management, savings, credit and taxes.

Program Length

40 Academic Weeks

Optional Practical Training (OPT)

After completion of the Business Career Program, eligible international students can apply for up to 12 months OPT work authorization to gain practical experience in their field of study.

Career Opportunities

Call Center Representative – Determine customer requirements through communications, answer inquiries, resolve problems, fulfill requests, maintain database.

Front Desk Assistant – Maintains office operations by receiving and distributing communications, maintain supplies and equipment, pick-up and deliver items; serve customers.

Retail Manager – Interact with customers and staffs, ensure customer service level, plan for annual budget, monitor financial performance, manage store staffs, analyze business trends.

Inventory Clerk – Monitor inventory levels, process purchase orders, receive and distribute inventory, handle invoices and payments, maintain records.

Account Receivable Clerk / Account Payable Clerk / Payroll Clerk – Process invoices and requisitions, verify financial transactions, maintain computerized financial records, manage check runs.

Sales Assistant – Supports sales and marketing managers, maintain and analyze customer information database, process customer requests, prepare sales and promotional materials.

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